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How skinny can a wood desk high get.

I do know i’d waste time and resurces…however how skinny can a desk high be (170 x 100 cm or 67″” x 40″ ) with an affordable quantity of maintain underneath it? I’ve loads of 2cm or 3/4 of an inch boards and that i wished to separate them in two making 0.8cm skinny or 3/8 of an inch skinny boards. The desk might be outdoors underneath a pergola and used as a bar desk. Ought to i simply use these boards like they’re proper now or i can get away with chopping them in half (to have extra boards) and placing underneath it one thing like u-channels? Any recommendation is wealcome.

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  1. At 67″ by 40″ they would be far too thin. You could always make a torsion box, which would need to be around 1.75″ (4.45cm) thick.

  2. I once made a tabletop so thin I couldn’t even see it!

  3. Idea. What about like back boat step board . Some old boat have them on the back of the boat.

  4. Boat transom and backboard. Yes I can’t upload photo of you stupid you can’t find p.m. the and I’ll send you a photo

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