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Are folks actually nonetheless saying Tears of the Kingdom is simply $70 DLC?

I am a number of hours into TotK and it is a completely totally different recreation from BotW so far as sequels go. The map is nearly utterly totally different, the Purah Pad grants totally totally different skills than the Sheikah Slate, and with that the shrines have totally different puzzles; weapons are totally different particularly with the Fuse functionality, the bosses are approach totally different, and do not get me began on the floating set items.

TotK is as totally different from its predecessor as practically all recreation sequels are. In fact the gameplay and controls are comparable; what sequel is not like that? Thoughts you I used to be a skeptic myself earlier than TotK got here out since I had a foul feeling it may need the very same map as BotW, however I could not have been extra mistaken. And I put over 75 hours into BotW.

I do not get why individuals are nonetheless saying Tears of the Kingdom is simply glorified DLC as an alternative of a full-fledged sequel. They need to not have performed it but, as a result of I spotted that wasn’t the case very early on within the recreation. Perhaps they’re simply jealous Xbots nonetheless salty about Redfall.

Comments ( 36 )

  1. It’s the same complaints that Ragnarok got. I haven’t played Tears of the Kingdom but I 100% agreed with all the arguments that people made about Ragnarok being $70 DLC

  2. I just want a new classic 3d Zelda. I miss the old upgrades, dungeon formulas, linear pathway, etc. Open worlds are a dime a dozen now a days. I understand that I’m in a minority in that regard. At least they could release all the old 3ds to switch.

  3. The way I see it is, yes. It might be a DLC. But I would still pay the $70 for a DLC with this much new stuff and story length.

    Many other games get away with selling actual DLC at an even higher price but with less content.

  4. Angry, petty console warriors who think their own farts smell like nirvana are common on the internet.

  5. It’s probably because of the limitations that the Switch has and most people can’t see a huge visual bump going into the next game of the series.

    Also since it has very similar art design, and or some base level game design there is a lot that is indeed similar, except for the physics engine going into combining parts and or new sky areas and new items.

    So yea I do understand why some people would say it’s DLC as many people wrote off Majora’s Mask initially.

    But I do have to agree, in smaller aspects being a continuation of the previous game kinda does feel like Nintendo was doubling down on BotW sales vs making a wholly unique game that goes against the core of design of the previous entry… like how Majora’s Mask’s time system.

  6. Tears of the kingdom started its development as a DLC from Breath of the Wild, but as development went on It just transformed in an entire new Game

    If It just stayed as a DLC the development time would have been much much shorter

  7. You could worry about it or you could just keep playing it. So far it feels like a new game with a familiar map/visuals.

  8. I’ve only played it for about eight hours in total, but in my opinion no, it has a lot more going for it than simply being “BOTW DLC”.

  9. They took the greatest video game ever made, created a completely new set of puzzles and points of interest, added a giant new underworld and sky regions, and built all the new content around a transformative construction mechanic.

    For $70 it’s a steal.

  10. At a surface level people call it DLC since, despite the sky + underground stuff, a good portion of the map still has the same areas from BOTW.

  11. People are calling it a $70 DLC because it still mainly uses the same map and theres like only 12 new enemies. The sky areas are not that big either with the tutorial island being the biggest one there is.

    It’s pretty disappointing unless you really like making some goofy vehicles or whatever, but to me, asking $70 is way too much for how many reused assets there was and thats just the reality of it. If this was priced $35 or $40 dollars even, a lot less people would be complaining.

  12. bruh people who are saying this are just lowkey normies lmao. tears of the kingdom is probably the greatest game i have ever played no cap bruh

  13. Nintendo gets cut a lot of slack lol. No reason this game on the switch needed to be $70

  14. I don’t think the early promotional material did it many favours in this regard. When you start the game it becomes clear how massive the world is now. But they were super cagey about how much was added and changed, plus the trailers made it seem like new missions and objectives in largely the same areas

  15. By using their lame logic then ragnarok is a gow dlc, horizon forbidden west is a dlc too, people need to understand that sequels don’t need to reinvent the wheel, even though totk has many new mechanics that makes it a different experience to me at least.

  16. >Are people really still saying Tears of the Kingdom is just $70 DLC?


    >I don’t get why people are still saying Tears of the Kingdom is just glorified DLC instead of a full-fledged sequel. They must not have played it yet

    I’ve played it. It feels like a re-skin with added stuff. Its not bad, but it doesn’t feel like “it’s a totally different game”.

    >Maybe they’re just jealous Xbots still salty about Redfall.

    Ha, nobody *ever* gave a fuck about Redfall. Lol

  17. Thank god I never played BOTW, I’m enjoying TOTK, it’s definitely not GOTY for me, but it’s very fun.

    However, from what I’ve played of it, and previously seen of BOTW, it really does look like DLC.

  18. I wonder how Majora’s Mask would be viewed today. Basically reused 99% of assets and gameplay from OOT with some new mechanics but gave a completely new plot/over world.

    Also like TOTK, it started as the modern day equivalent of DLC. Curious to see how people reflect on the two in time.

  19. you can tell which people played the game and which havent by some of the comment descriptions. even those who say they have lol

    but regardless. even people who might not like the game but know how some of the systems in the game work will tell you why this couldnt be a DLC but i digress

  20. Who cares what people say. Just enjoy the game.

  21. I wonder if people will say the same thing when Spider-Man 2 comes out.

    I don’t care how similar the game is or appears to some people.

    If it’s good it’s good. If you can get 10+ hours of fun or more out of it then it’s worth every penny.

    The weird herd mentality of some people who just read something someone else said about something and then decide that opinion is also their own despite never even playing the game blows my mind. And review bombing! A game you never even bought or played!

  22. Haven’t heard anyone say this, but also I haven’t watched any reviews, I’ve been to busy enjoying the game.

  23. >Of course the gameplay and controls are similar; what sequel isn’t like that?

    Zelda 2 on NES.

  24. Yeah, I don’t think those people have played the game. It feels different right off the bat. Plus, the enemy roster is way better, the new abilities are way better than the old ones, weapons have better durability, and the world has so many new things to explore.

    The only thing I’m finding kind of annoying are the shields. I feel like they don’t last as long unless you fuse a rock to them…but then you can’t shield surf. Maybe I just haven’t found the strong shields – but I feel like the Boko shields are so much weaker than BOTW’s. Also, I don’t like that rupees now have to be picked up using “A” instead of just walking and touching it, but I guess you don’t come across rupees that often in the wild.

    Edit: also, Like Likes were added and those are my favorite Zelda enemies. A+ just for that.

  25. >Of course the gameplay and controls are similar; what sequel isn’t like that?

    Final Fantasy X-2

    Grandia III

    Legaia: Dual Saga

    Chrono Cross

    Valkyria Chronicles II

  26. I had Street Fighter 2 WW on SNES back in the day. Paid 70 for SF2Turbo on SNES when it came out. It was the same. But I still bought it, and it was still worth every penny.

    Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate. Play what you love and have fun.

  27. Sooo it does feel like DLC; specifically, $70 DLC. Not $30 DLC or $40 DLC.

    In terms of the _quantity_ of content they added, it’s worth $70 I guess.

    In terms of the _quality_ and especially _genuine novelty_ of the content…to my taste it’s incredibly bland.

    It truly feels closer to an asset flip than a sequel. I’m not sure quite why, but I think it is something to do with reusing the map, gameplay structure, & quest structure as BOTW. (Also the same sound effects, gear, side quests… you get the point.)

    Or maybe I’m not clicking with the significant additions like Ultrahand, Fuse, and the sky/depths. To me they all feel disappointingly superficial and gimmicky.

    FWIW I’ve played it for about 20 hours, maybe more. Completed a phenomenon.

  28. I think we have very different ideas about what the word “different” means.

    This is a $70 DLC. It’s a very large DLC, very good DLC, but make no mistakes- it’s a DLC for BOTW that plays exactly the same, with minimal substitutions. The biggest novelties are in the sky regions, and the ability to sandbox devices to make weird gadgets. The latter can be a positive or a negative, depending on your feelings regarding sandbox elements.

    Other than that, this is 60-70% same- same base map, pretty much the same enemies for much of the game, same weapons, same handling, etc etc. if you’ve played BOTW you’ve seen this all before, but some of the specifics will change. So you now have little environment puzzles to open towers instead of climbing puzzles, your time power now reverses time instead of freezing it etc. It opens up “new possibilities”, but really just a sidegrade.

    The best parts of the game are still the puzzles and exploration, and that hasn’t changed, but don’t expect an evolved or improved experience. All the mechanics are essentially the same- combat, equipment, food (god! cooking sucks), and so on, so don’t expect any improvements there. Combat is still one-note, with very little challenge or variety. Most things can be cheesed or brute forced. Music and audio assets are all re-used, so even there, be ready to hear a lot more of the same 4 link grunts, and the same 2 music combat tracks, there’s no big improvements there either.

    For the record- I had ZERO information about TOTK before it came out. I watched no marketing materials, I had no idea what to expect, and after 12 hours I’m 100% behind the above. This is a large overpriced expansion, kudos to you if you enjoy it, and IF you enjoy it it might still be the best $70 you ever spent. But for this cynical old gamer, this is just another case of Nintendo knowing and owning their market so hard, it doesn’t matter what they do.

  29. I’m not sure you know what DLC is. The map, the locations, the animations, the enemies, the sounds, the trees, the rocks, the mountains the characters are all identical. The differences are the sky map, the cavern map and the shrines. The story differs obviously. As well as “some” new powers. (We had the grab feature). All of this could be DLC. Dlc is simply new content, new story and new puzzles. That’s what tears is. Its a MASSIVE dlc. You’d get new bosses in dlc, you’d get new weapons in dlc, you’d get new transport in dlc but controls graphics and map will remain the same. That’s what we got. Am i complaining? Nope. I love tears, not as much as botw but its great. By making it massive dlc all returning players are familiar with it. I love that i went to all the same places to see how they’ve changed slightly. It is monotonous to find the same exact enemy at the same exact locations at times. That i don’t like, but whatever. But in the grand scheme of it. Its a MASSIVE DLC, no question about it.

  30. I wouldnt go that far but i am a little annoyed that everything im doing is the same. My pov might be different because i play BOTW not that long ago but im a bit tired of koroks and shrines.

    Its somehow very cool and very boring at the same time for me. im also not a fan of it being $70 and running at a smooth 15-20 fps in most places. i dunno. im going to beat it but im not really driven like i was with BOTW. might rip it and play it on my PC – its already running 60 fps on pc.

  31. I am happy I paid the 70 bucks for it, because it’s great, but yes, this does feel like a dlc or an expansion and not a sequel.

    Similar intro level, same gameplay loop, same map (expanded), same enemies, same music, same combat

  32. If having an entire new map, new story, new puzzles, new enemies, new flora, new fauna, new characters, new weapons, new loot, new abilities and mechanics, new outfits, new side quests, etc. doesn’t qualify a game as a sequel, then I don’t know what does. It mostly sounds like people are salty about the price, which is weird because acknowledging the game as a sequel (which it is) doesn’t somehow invalidate the fact that $70 plus tax is insane. It doesn’t need to be a DLC for that to be too much money lol.

  33. It’s not all that different. It’s the same game with a lot more thrown on top of it, which is good if you didn’t already get your fill of the BotW. I wanted something completely different, which is why I was disappointed when I first learned they were going the direct sequel route.

    Now, they did a great job of producing a worthy retread. It’s a phenomenal game in it’s own right, but I just don’t want to do any more shrines or all the same crap I already did for 200 hours. The new stuff is like 10% of the experience, where 90% of the experience is fundamentally identical.

  34. Its not just a DLC, but it feels VERY similar and lots of things were recycled

  35. Actually I think totk should have been just a $40 DLC. Yes they added a significant amount of content, but this totally does not look like 6 years worth of big budget, premium production effort. Not to mention the engine was already developed for the previous game and largely the mechanics are the same.

    Totk is a missed opportunity, big time.

  36. Calling it DLC is offensive. Shivering Isles was actually very unique!

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