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Weekly Historical past Questions Thread.

Welcome to our Historical past Questions Thread!

This thread is for all these historical past associated questions which are too easy, brief or a bit too foolish to warrant their very own put up.

So, do you will have a query about historical past and have all the time been afraid to ask? Effectively, at present is your fortunate day. Ask away!

In fact all our common guidelines and tips nonetheless apply and to be simply that bit further clear:

Questions should be historic in nature. Foolish doesn’t imply that your query ought to be a joke. [r/history]( past/) additionally has an energetic discord server the place you possibly can focus on historical past with different fanatics and consultants

Comments ( 17 )

  1. If film director Elia Kazan was a controversial figure because of his involvement in “outing” people in the Hollywood Blacklist, then why was Ronald Reagan a popular President as he had done the same thing? Also was Elia Kazan correct about the people he named as being communists? If so, wasn’t he doing a “right” thing?

  2. Regarding the supposed attempt by Cecil King, to overthrow Harold Wilson in 1968, why did he feel a coup was necessary? Why wouldn’t King advocate for an election to remove Wilson legally? This isn’t the United States where elections are held on a fixed cycle.

  3. What is the history of breakfast cereals, and their influence on nutrition/public health?

  4. I’ve watched blue jays video about living in the victorian age and i was wondering if you’d we’re in the worker class why don’t just join the millitary. I mean you had food a shelter and could maybe rise in rank. So do you think this would be a good idear for a worker?

  5. Who was the king whose mother asked for a humble tomb, and he ordered a pompous chapel?

    In them was written something like, “By the mother’s wish and by the son’s order”

  6. I just looked at this map, and have some practical questions I hope someone here knows:

    I see that berlin was basically located at the center of east berlin, meaning completely surrounded by DDR. How was movement between west berlin and the rest of the west done in practice? E.G if someone jumped over the wall and was in west berlin, and now wanted to go to some other part of the west, how could they cross the DDR part without getting shot? Or were they just caught in some sort of gated community?

  7. Were embassies always used as a front to gather intelligence? Was there always the understanding that, yes, the front half is for diplomacy while the back half is for mischief-making?

  8. How different would have England been if Prince Arthur Tudor had lived and had a son with Queen Kathrine?

  9. Would many royalist regiments in the English civil war fly the kings standard or only the kings own retinue?

  10. What benefits could someone in the British Army or Navy expect to receive after service in the 1750s? Today you get things like pensions, free education, etc. But for someone serving in the British Army or Navy in the 1750s, what benefits would you get after doing your 10 years of service?

  11. Was Prussia a part of Germany?

    Was Germany itself called Prussia or was Prussia one of the Un-unified part of Germany?

  12. I want to read some of the classics recommended by this subreddit. Especially Illiad and Odyssey. Should I read a book going over the history of Greece first, or can I jump right in and read Homer’s works first?

  13. I’m looking for named examples of transgender people in Asian and African history who have since passed away. I only have about 12 from both massive continents combined. Know anyone?

  14. What happened to the French Royal guard protecting Marie, Antoinette and the king? Did they try to protect them at all or did they flee when the mob arrived?

  15. What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke?

  16. Do you guys believe there are cities and monuments buried out there that push back civilisation thousands of years or is the consensus that any remnants would be easily discovered by now? I’m not talking civilisations with flying cars I’m talking maybe the odd city state popping up in places 20k/30k years ago with a few trade routes to local tribes etc. People like GH have drunk so much kool aid they make the subject a joke but surely the above is at the very least feasible even in academic circles?

  17. How much artifacts and art was lost during the Destruction of Warsaw

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