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Masters in Information Science vs Well being Informatics?

Hey guys! Very long time lurker, first time poster.

I graduated from college with an honours well being research diploma specializing in well being informatics approx. two years in the past. I presently work for a authorities well being company however I certainly not am doing any work associated to well being informatics (extra administrative work). I have been having a troublesome time attempting to interrupt into the sphere of well being informatics (making use of to all entry degree jobs and networking) however to date, my makes an attempt have been fruitless. I am considering of maybe doing a masters program with co-op to see if I can get my foot within the door. I am conscious this could imply spending a ton of cash however I am keen to make the funding and I used to be already all in favour of pursuing larger degree research any approach. So, my questions for all you beautiful of us are:

1. Would you suggest a masters in well being informatics or knowledge analytics? I am additionally very all in favour of analytics and knowledge science and I am considering that realm as properly. I’ve heard from a pair those who well being informatics is simply too area of interest and knowledge science is one thing to look into as an alternative.

2. Okay little bit of a random query however I’ll transfer to the US (Canadian citizen) sooner or later and I am questioning if Canadian levels maintain any worth there and whether or not it might be higher to pursue an American diploma.

Numerous questions however I am so misplaced with my profession and my life lol. Any and all recommendation could be very a lot appreciated!! Thanks!

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  1. Health informatics is a really broad field. What exactly are you interested in doing? Health data analytics is one of the areas in health informatics. Most informatics skills are internationally transferable. But the US has quite a complicated healthcare payment system that you would need relearn if you specialize in data management for hospitals. But if you don’t care about data integration, management, design, or implementation, and only interested in data analysis, then a degree in data analytics will be sufficient and internationally applicable.

  2. If you want a degree that would work outside of healthcare, then analytics would be your choice

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