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LPT request: How do you handle your time?

I work 8 hours a day, plus 2 hours of transportation.

I’ve a most of 4 hours for myself.

First, I attempted to create a timetable, but it surely’s unattainable to slot in many issues in 4 hours. These items embrace hobbies, watching an episode of my TV present, and taking part in with the buddies.

So I made a decision to concentrate on doing one factor a day, however I do not prefer it in any respect. For instance, I used to observe a whole season of a TV present in a single night time earlier than work, however now I can solely watch one episode per week, and that is the worst factor ever.
I take pleasure in coding as a passion, however writing a chunk of code each week is actually unattainable.

Any artistic methods??

Comments ( 8 )

  1. I guess you can do 2 things a day instead of a little bit of everything everyday. Keep a schedule. Mondays for coding and tv series, tuesdays for cleaning, etc.

  2. >Any creative ways??

    This is revolutionary. I’ve been reading this book on Leonardo da Vinci. See, that means “from Vinci.” Did you know that? Well, it turns out the master slept only 20 minutes every 3 hours. That works out to 2.5 extra days that I am awake per week – every week! Which means if I live to be 80, I will have lived the equivalent of 105 years.

  3. I put all the time into the weekend. Sometimes i even work an hour or two longer to take friday off to maximize the weekend. Another thing you can do is take a day off around national holidays, if the holiday is on a monday, take tuesday off and u got urself a little vacation.

  4. Just take it day by day. Don’t force yourself into a schedule where you don’t have time for yourself. Maybe have alternating days for cleaning vs free time. If you start waking up a little earlier you can fit in a chore each morning and have more time before bed.

    I’ve been there before and honestly still haven’t figured out the perfect formula but this is what has helped me!

  5. Well I think you could set the expectation within what is possible.

    I mean you might want to bench a tv serie, but if that is not possible, I do not see why you cannot be happy that you even got time for one or two episode a day or a week.

    I only have few thing I must do (like workout), and stuff that would be nice if I got time for (television and gaming), and then I got those as thing I can pick up if I got the time.
    Not sure if this even helps though.

  6. A few questions and comments:

    How old are you? Is going out to work 8 hours a day a fairly new thing for you? If so, you just need time to adjust to the real world of being an adult.

    By your calculations, you sleep for ten hours each night?

    What about weekends? I assume you don’t work seven days a week?

    >now I can only watch one episode a week, and that’s the worst thing ever.

    This might sound harsh, and it’s not meant to but, seriously? If that is ‘the worst thing ever’ then you have lived, and are still living, a very blessed life.

    As one other commenter said – you need to adjust your expectations.

    If you want a roof over your head, a television, and the electricity to run it, you have to pay for those things.

  7. Read Getting Things Done by David Allen

  8. Can you do something you like during your commute? Podcast, audiobook, favorite music, catching up with people on the phone, singing in your car, learning a new language?

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