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Good thermostat set up find out how to?

Need to examine if I’m doing it accurately. My outdated thermostat has solely a dial to activate the warmth. There’s a fan with separate management. My home has about three of those warmth and fan management.

Contained in the outdated thermostat, there are one wire with electrical energy and one other two extra thick wire. There have been no label however I think certainly one of them is the fan and different is the heater. (And one wire is bare is the bottom wire.)

I’ve a Rheem water tank in my storage and a white Rodger intelli-vent thermostat.

Do I would like to put in my Google nest thermostat in every location? Or some strategy to have one management all of the zones?

One other factor is the wire is just too thick to slot in my new thermostat, I think I simply have to clip that with some thinner wire. That appropriate?

Image within the first reply.

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  1. Pictures of water tank, white rodge thermostat, room thermostat

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  2. For the love of God take pictures and more pictures. Lots of times the wire colors to the thermostat somehow get changed from the heater and air conditioner. You need to know what wire is doing what in the old thermostat.

  3. What kind of system do you have to heat/cool your home? Not sure why the water heater is even part of the picture.

  4. Be very careful you can burn down your house if you don’t connect all the wires into the right place and turn the google on

  5. Please take more pictures so that we can see it a bit more clearly. On the other hand, dealing with electricity might be a bit risky especially if you’re not experienced. Maybe consider calling professionals like [Hurliman Heating]( to take a look at it afterward in case you don’t manage to install it by yourself.

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