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Fixing water, rust stains below kitchen quartz countertop

I observed my kitchen faucet leaking (single stem, with pull down attachment) from the deal with and a few occasional dripping from the tap head. When checking below the cupboard I observed that the tap line was gathering condensation. Seeing that, seemed up and noticed that the underside of the quartz had water and rust stains ([pictured at this link](

I had changed the tap cartridge a couple of 12 months in the past to repair the same deal with drip. However they’re speculated to final some time so I made a decision to disassemble the deal with to verify the cartridge and tighten the deal with parts in case they loosened over time. This appeared to repair the condensation beneath (I checked w dry paper over the course of a day).

However how do I treatment the quartz water stain. I’d hate to have it proceed to unfold. The deal with additionally continues to drip.

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  1. Fix the leak first then come back

  2. Oxalic acid, get a bottle of barkeepers friend from the grocer or the hardware store, that stuff is magic.

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