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Energy Washing Paint Off Brick Chimney?

Hello buddies.

I not too long ago bought a house that has a painted brick chimney and I used to be suggested by our inspector to take away the paint as there may be water getting trapped behind the paint. I’ve learn on-line about utilizing paint stripper however was curious if I might merely energy wash it off?

My energy washer shouldn’t be tremendous sturdy however I don’t need to threat damaging the chimney and compromising the integrity of it which can trigger additional complications.

Has anybody achieved this? Is it so simple as energy washing it off?

[Here are some pics](


Comments ( 6 )

  1. I’d advise consulting with a masonry expert – I think sandblasting is recommended.

  2. Sorry. Once brick is painted it is basically never coming off. You can get most of it off with abrasive blasting (usually some organic media like walnut shells or corn cobs), but because brick is so porous you will always have the signs of painting showing

  3. Definitely talk to a masonry expert. Some of the older buildings in our downtown are got stripped of paint, but the bricks were never resealed and are starting to crumble.

  4. You could try a sandblasting attachment on your pressure washer

  5. I have family that works in masonry and they routinely do this kind of work. They use sandblasting. If you’re not going to do that, use paint stripper. Why for the love of god would you power wash when paint is already trapping water?

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