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Sealing Limewash Paint Darkening, Assist Please

Sorry I’ve no clue the place else to ask this and may’t discover solutions on-line.

I’ve achieved a white limewash paint on inside stucco in a toilet, got here out nice, no points. The poblem for me is that the waterproof sealants I’ve examined all dry and remedy with the limewash darkened considerably (polycrylic and clear DRYLOK, each water based mostly). I have been making an attempt to consider a sealant or barrier I can apply to my limewash stucco (portland cement combine) to maintain the intense white colour I like, and THEN apply the waterproof sealer. I am unable to consider something to date and I’ve seen nothing talked about on-line about stopping the limewash colour from darkening when making use of any sort of limewash sealer. I examined the DRYLOK about 15 hours in the past and it would not appear to be lightening however the polycrylic does appear to be it lightened because it dried a number of hours in the past. Is it only a matter of time and the limewash will finally lighten again up? I am unable to think about so not less than with the DRYLOK as a result of there’s just about no air getting between it because it cures. Any assistance is tremendously appreciated, I might identical to to maintain my white limewash as gentle as potential whereas nonetheless making use of a water-proof sealer over it, thanks all.

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  1. You do NOT need a waterproof sealer on interior stucco. If it absorbs humidity, it must be allowed to breathe, to prevent mold and mildew.

    What the bathroom really needs is a window that opens, or a fan that actually removes the humid air in short order. Control the humidity and you can have the blinding white bathroom of your dreams.

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