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LPT: Urgent Tab might be sooner than swapping between keyboard and mouse. Use Shift+Tab to pick the earlier UI factor.

Typically I press one tab too many. Use Shift Tab to return. Most individuals know to make use of tabs in excel to maneuver proper to the following cell in the identical row.

Do you know it really works with UI as properly in apps like internet browsers? Not solely that, tabbing additionally works with web sites;

Works particularly properly when a webpage is properly designed making good use of HTML tabindex attributes. Google “`tabindex mozilla“` and see’s tabindex web page for a demo.

Press tabs and shift+tabs of their Attempt It demo part to see an instance.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Great in conjunction with alt-tab to swap windows. And ctrl-tab to swap tabs within a window.

    My favorite I found in recent years in ctrl-backspace (or delete) will remove the entire word behind or ahead of the cursor. You can also use ctrl-arrow to jump the cursor from word to word.

    Oh also tab & shift-tab works in spread sheets. But so does enter & shift-enter.

  2. And if you have a mouse with programmable buttons then set one button to be enter key.

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