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LPT: Do not drain your floor beef. Boil off the water and let it fry in its personal fats for higher texture and taste.

Nearly each recipe I see involving floor beef has directions to empty the meat, be it boxed dinners or stuff discovered on-line and it is appeared so wasteful to me. I feel it stems from the “fats is unhealthy” days and dumping it down your drain additionally did not look like a good suggestion, however I digress.

It provides a couple of minutes to the cook dinner time, however is completely price it IMO.

A lot of the stuff that’s drained is water, not fats. Preserve the temp excessive sufficient to boil and stir the meat round so it does not burn, I like to make use of a wood spoon. Ultimately the water will boil off and you will hear the sound change to a deeper be aware, that is mainly when the meat will begin to fry and also you get extra crispy bits and higher taste, preserve transferring the meat. It is as much as you to determine when it is accomplished.

If I am making a meat sauce, I wish to constantly mash the meat into smaller bits all through the method. It simply makes the ultimate product a lot smoother and constant as a substitute of getting completely different sizes of meat chunks.

If some will get caught to the underside of the pan, that is high quality, you are in all probability including some liquid later anyhow so once you do exactly scrape the underside and it ought to just about all come off and now you’ve extra taste!

Comments ( 22 )

  1. Good LPT – I’m guessing it’s a time-saving step for those box dinners as part of their primary advertised advantage

  2. Not only does my wife drain it, she rinses it too… on 99% lean ground beef. By the end it tastes like what i imagine cardboard to taste like

  3. This would work for leaner ground meat (97%) but if you use 85% you’re going to have a greasy mess. That much fat makes my tongue feel like an oil slick.

    I buy lean 97% beef for pan-cooking (stir fry, etc) and 85% for grilling, as it prevents it from drying and gives that delicious crispy texture. Also good for making sausage you’re going to pan fry but discard the grease.

  4. Isnt watery ground beef just because of low quality water pumped hormone infused cattle? I allways assumed that when watching americans cook.

    I swear the amount of water coming out of american ground beef is insane, I have never seen anything like it in my life

  5. Yes! Cooking it down like that is so good. Beef soboro is delicious, if you haven’t tried that yet

  6. Not only that, but stir fry rice in the pan once you are done with it. Makes it easier to clean and you get an extra delicious meal out of the deal.

  7. Totally agree on this for dishes where the meat will be going into a bigger overall dish with other non-fatty ingredients. Like I probably wouldn’t want to do this where I’m adding it to a quesadilla or something

  8. Is this an American thing? Never in my life heard of anyone draining the meat juices, that’s where the flavour lives!

  9. Uhhh definitely do not pour any fat or grease down your drain. Once it cools it will solidify and could create a big mess or ruin the longevity of your drainage systems. I would pour it into an extra empty jar or other container and dispose once it’s dried.

  10. I take the dripping from my foreman grill and throw it back like a shot. needless to say i need to go to the doctor. owwwww my arteries.

  11. I always do this for my pan dirty rice, other than that ehhh!!

  12. This is true for most dishes that expel a lot of water while cooking. I cooked some chanterelle up and they were amazing so I got a whole bunch of em and cooked em for a family gathering. The water in the pot (yes pot, I was cooking like 2 gallons of them) got so deep that I decided to drain some. Big mistake, they still tasted fine but that sweet buttery taste was noticeably weaker. The next time I made them, I spent the time boiling off the water and it made a crazy amount of difference.

  13. There are some times, when this won’t work, that I drain into a bowl, let it congeal, then scrape into the trash. Don’t pour grease down your drain.

  14. It was the 1973 farm bill that declared sugar good and fat bad. Did we ever change the laws because of our new scientific knowledge?


  15. Brown bits are the maillard reaction. Lots of flavor . If the recipe involves adding flour to make a roux it may be necessary to drain the fat and measure how much to put back.
    Side note: my birthday meal always includes hamburger gravy on whipped potatoes.

  16. Never understood people who thought “browning” the ground beef just meant “turning it from pink to grey”. I always cook away the water, then let the meat get nice and brown, then IF there is oil left, I will toss a paper towel in and stir it with the spoon to absorb excess grease.

  17. I agree completely. Buy the right proportion of meat and fat for the dish in the first place, brown it to a hard sear for flavour and texture, and deglaze the pan afterwards to scrape up all that wonderful flavour.

    In something like chili or curry, you need that fat to bloom (cook) your spices anyway, if you want to have any flavour at all.

    In Canada we have the choice of 30% fat (regular), medium (23%), lean (17%) or extra lean (10%). I tend to use lean for everything (never draining) and if I want extra moisture, like for meatballs, I’ll add ground pork. People who really care grind their own or ask a specialty butcher to do it per specifications.

  18. > dumping it down your drain also didn’t seem like a good idea,

    Generally want to pour it in an extra container, let it cool and then throw it away in the trash. I use a big metal mixing bowl personally

  19. I’m f*ing old and this one’s literally the first time I heard of something like “draining ground beef”. Amazing.
    That sounds like “drain the taste” to me.

  20. Tacos and similar are a dripping mess if you don’t

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