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Yard spigot lacking however line appears tremendous. Can I arrange connections and begin watering?

Have a water spigot arrange in storage nevertheless it’s annoying working the hose all the way in which round the home. I discovered what appears to be an previous line that’s lacking spigot. Appears to be disconnected in basement so can I simply reconnect, connect spigot exterior, flip water line on and have water in again yard?

Upon additional investigation, the road is chopped and never simply disconnected. I’m assuming it froze and leaked and so they simply chopped it off and closed the valve. So appears to be like like, getting a brand new line and working it from inside to exterior and attaching spigot to finish that’s exterior or is that over simplifying issues?

Comments ( 2 )

  1. First open the valve and check for leaks, might just be off for winterizing

  2. Sounds like a good plan.

    Since it is freezing though, you might want to install an anti freeze spigot or an interior shutoff valve to the line to let you drain the spigot in the fall.

    Edit: it’s also important to disconnect the exterior hose in the fall. I had an antifreeze spigot break because painters forgot to do this. Luckily, because the anti freeze spigot is so long, the break occured before the seal, and there wasn’t a huge leak in the house.

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