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LPT Request: Lively listening

How do you actively pay attention and preserve from getting annoyed in a gathering the place both a) you already know what’s being mentioned (as a result of it is the fifth assembly on the identical precise subject) or b) you’re the material skilled and feedback are being made by people who find themselves not and which might be simply completely off.

I need to have the ability to actively pay attention as a result of I acknowledge I do not know every part and need to be current sufficient when some level in the course of the assembly somebody inevitably makes an essential remark/concept that hasn’t but been made…however how do you get via the opposite 99% of it with out zoning out (and subsequently lacking it) or actually really feel like you will explode.

Context: I’ve ZERO points focusing and in reality having fun with conferences the place I’m not an skilled on the matter. Additionally, within the above scenario, I’m excellent at wanting like I am listening and remaining well mannered and diplomatic, however I am dying on the within!

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  1. I’d be glad to help, but I wasn’t listening.

  2. For me I force myself to by repeating/summarizing what they say or intend to say back to them to verify. Then I’ll leave disappointed and say in my head “could’ve been an email”

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