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LPT Request: How do I preserve spiders out of my bed room?

Since it has been getting heat out I have been discovering a number of spiders, and I’ve actually dangerous aracniphobia. I am unable to even be in the identical room as a spider with out freaking out. I stay in a 3 room motorhome, and some days in the past I discovered 5 small spiders on the roof within the entrance most leeway. 2 days in the past I discovered one in my mattress (within the very again room), tore aside my room to ensure there werent any extra and did not sleep in any respect that evening after getting it out. Tonight I discovered 3 extra spiders in my mattress. This has by no means occurred earlier than and I do not know what to do. I have been pumping my room filled with citrus and peppermint oils utilizing a defuser, which appeared to work for a bit however would not anymore. Additionally, these spiders are toxic. Been bit by one earlier than, feels just like a bee sting and swells up like one too. I simply need to have the ability to comfortably keep in my room once more, that is actually my worst nightmare, please assist.

Edit: Undecided if it helps in any respect however I’ve recognized the spiders as yellow sac spiders:

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  1. Air Conditioner. They don’t like dry cold air.

  2. Barrier spray on all potential entry points

  3. cover up any and all entry points. There are probably some you don’t even know about. Cover/block ’em all. If its an air vent, consider adding a decent mesh cover, filter etc.

    I’m also really really bad with spiders. I’m dreading having to open the window to keep cool. Because of the weird way these windows open, I can’t put mesh covers on them ):

  4. Get it sprayed professionally if you can afford it/thatโ€™s possible where you live. We have to do it about every 9 months but we get almost no spiders for 8 months in between.

  5. I use a dry pellet like spider poison that you spread on the ground surrounding your home. Make sure trees and bushes and tall grass is kept from touching your house – for spiders its better if it’s several feet away atleast. Then use liquid barrier spray around the outside of doors, windows, stairs, railings etc. Keep the inside of your place clean of all crumbs, dirt, and other bugs as well.

    Check your window screens for holes or places where the screen does not fit well. Door seals could also be a problem if they are older or don’t fit all the to the corners. Depending on your space, try to keep furniture slightly away from walls and seperated from each other (no bedskirts or bedding touching the floor), and as much stuff as you can elevated off the floor – this way you can better clean behind and underneath-

  6. Centipedes will kill them

  7. Here’s another idea I haven’t seen, try a mosquito net around your bed. Put four hooks in the ceiling over the four corners of your bed, let it drape down the sides and tuck it in between the mattress and box springs. That way you can sleep knowing they can’t get to you. You would only have to do it until the poison on the outside starts working and they stop coming in. And you and I both need to go to classes to alleviate our fears of spiders, that whole thing about spiders being more scared of us then we are of them – that’s bullsh&#, I’ve never seen a spider trip over a chair and bash its head into a door frame because it was trying to get away from me.

  8. I live in the country-my yard is basically a field-they (spiders,bugs) HATE anything minty-I use peppermint or any minty essential oil,put some drops in a spray bottle add water-there is no right or wrong amount the more the better-respray weekly….Also spiders do not like hedge apples or green walnuts still in the hull-place a few on a plate in each corners of the room-hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The sound thing you plug in had kept my apartment spider free for 6 years…it broke on me 6 months ago and Ive now seen 4 spiders and 2 centipedes…living with the electrocution racket by my side now until the new one comes in ๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Super disappointed that this has been up for 14 hours and no one has commented to put up a “no spiders allowed” sign

  11. First, spiders are our friends. Second, clean your room more often. Third, centipedes are excellent bug killers.

  12. Thanks for all the tips guys, spiders are gone and hopefully won’t come back.

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