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LPT Request: How can I be a motivated and good salesmen?

So I’m searching for some recommendation from different individuals who work gross sales jobs and battle with good ol government operate issues and motivation.

I’m salaried and don’t work fee however my firm does common efficiency critiques the place individuals get good raises. After one month right here my boss advised me that I might make some huge cash if I’ve the great ol drive and fervour to shut offers and attain out to leads. How can I get higher at this and wish to do it? What are some ideas or tips to inspire you and encourage you?

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  1. It’s the ABC’s of sales!

    Always Be Closing.

    If you want more, you’ll work harder at it. Call the leads, chat them up. You have to be personable but persistent.

  2. Follow the script

    Lean into the social aspect of it. Put more points into charisma

    Ask questions to let the customer talk themselves out to be more receptive

  3. Set up a Kanban board. Use ClickUp or Trello as both have a free version.

    Take a big whiteboard and draw out your sales process. Prospecting, initial meeting, pitch, follow up, close, order, etc. You basically have columns with each step in the sales process. Each project/customer/job gets a card. As you move along the process, you move the card.

    Sales is a job of juggling half eaten sandwiches, chainsaws, and rabid raccoons. Most sales are not a one shot and done. Being able to open an app, and answer a question from the customer, co workers, or your boss is huge. You need to be able to put all those projects away and focus on the priority task at the time. But having it in a system means you can jump back when you need to and not have to dig through a notebook, post it’s or your memory.

    The Kanban is a fancy name for the white board.

  4. Read the 48 laws of power and sacrifice all of your morals.

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