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LPT: How do you get out of psychological jail mindset and self-doubts?

Has anybody ever felt like their development has stunted due to the fixed overthinking and self doubts. It seems like our mind is controlling our actions. It simply stop us from doing something. Even when it is a easy activity that finally turns into headache as a result of we simply are likely to proscnate. It is like how can we free ourselves from this mindset. How can get out of this fears and limits we’ve created through the years. Life has a lot to supply and it is true I do agree on embracing the uncomfortable as a result of that is the place our true potential lives. However idk what’s stopping me from doing something. I preserve saying I wish to change and I wish to begin engaged on this or that however I simply find yourself doing nothing. It is actually affecting my confidence and general life. I really feel like I’ve gotten so behind in life in each features. As an alternative of supporting myself, I simply preserve reminding myself how a lot of failure and letdown I am. Sighs

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  1. I’d suggest one step in the right direction every day. No matter the size, big or small, will help. It seemed to be the only thing that helped me. Self-doubt is hard. Your mind is the most powerful opponent you will face.

  2. For me, it’s Adderall. ADHD here.

  3. >it’s true I do agree on embracing the uncomfortable because that’s where our true potential lives.

    Those are not your own words. This is a corporate / “professional” coacher mantra. You “agree” but not really believe – and that’s ok. It’s not right for everybody, and people who don’t feel like that can stress themselves out (overwhelmed).

    Regardless, when I have a situation infront of me, I ask :

    1. What’s the worst that could happen? What’s stopping me?
    2. Can I deal with that “worse case scenario”?
    3. Is the payoff worth not going with the safer route? Is not doing anything- worse?

  4. Go poke around in r/ALLISMIND

  5. Have you ever looked into eckhart tolles work on youtube?

    He teaches mindfullness and spirituality.

  6. Read “Feeling good” book.

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