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LPT: All customer support hotlines and chat bots are programmed to recognise ‘speak to somebody’ or ‘agent’.

If you happen to’re pushed for time and hate making an attempt to cope with these bots on the cellphone of ‘account quantity, verification, debit particulars’ earlier than they even add you to the queue, simply say ‘agent’. It’s usually about 3 occasions in a row earlier than the bot says ‘okay, you need to speak to somebody. Please maintain’.

This works on the cellphone when the bot is asking a query so that you can reply. Opening occasions and many others recorded messages received’t recognise it but at that time.

Additionally works once you’re speaking to an internet bot. Simply get to the primary bit the place you possibly can kind your individual message, and say ‘agent’. Even when they offer you extra choices to select from, follow your weapons. ‘Agent. Agent. AGENT!’. They’ll get the drift.

That is nice as soon as you understand when to say it, and helps soar within the queue sooner, particularly when hotlines open within the morning.

Comments ( 10 )

  1. Swearing works too. Ask me how I know.

  2. When you wanna be the guy that skips the queue as if he is better than everyone else, do this.


  4. “Representative” just keep repeating it over and over.

  5. No, they are not all programmed to do that.

    Source : multiple years building IVR logic, was never once even asked to do that.

  6. You’ve either been talking to a human ‘bot’ ie outsourced human support acting as a bot or you’ve only ever engaged with two chatbot solutions, 95% out of the box solutions do not support this.

  7. I remember doing this unintentionally for the first time and realizing it was a thing. I was getting stuck in what felt like an endless loop of bot questions/prompts, and I just frustratedly said out loud something like “I just want to talk to a damn human”. I was absolutely floored when I was essentially immediately transferred to a real person.

  8. I’ve recently some across systems where, if you ask for an agent, it asks you to explain what your issue is, and if it can’t figure out how to direct you based on your answer, it just disconnects.

  9. Speak gibberish.
    You’ll get a real person every time.

  10. Sometimes hitting the zero button as your reply will get you through to an agent, takes about 3 times in a row like you said .

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