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LPT Request: Learn how to work with individuals which might be exhibiting age associated psychological decline?

I’m not pondering a lot of family members, however coworkers and folks in public. More and more I am seeing long-time associates crossing a threshold the place logic or reasoning is just not being relied upon. I knew them earlier than the decline, so it’s a actual gut-punch. There appears no well mannered method to say “Uh, your pondering is softer at the moment.” or “Somebody wants a nap.” to a 58 12 months outdated.

By the clock, I am unable to be too removed from the brink myself. Do we want a buddy system? Private BS tracker? You actually don’t have any purpose to doubt your individual incorrect logic, it requires an out of doors particular person to level it out.

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  1. We need to respect their experience and knowledge without constantly trying to make epic battles of competition. Many mature workers become very insecure because they’re bombarded with competitive jabs that force them to respond in order to maintain their position.

    The point is, younger people should try to relax around the mature colleagues and engage in non hostile conversation. Might even learn something surprising from them. The beautiful thing is that we will all get there eventually, no one is immune to it. Going from the competitive jabbing office comet, to the mature respectful knowledgeable and helpful colleague, can be a tough experience, when you realize that you were the asshole that didn’t listen, but only wanted to give them cuts with your Alpha stick, to show them that you rule the world. Every worker has a goal, which is to earn an income while doing the best they can towards a common goal of the workplace. Getting other priorities than competitive advantage, is a healthy approach as you get older.

  2. I’ve heard it two different ways.

    The first one: We do it this way because Karen is an old bird and she can’t learn new tricks. And that’s how she has done it for years. This is actually fine. not a big deal.

    The other one: Dude had early onset dementia. Either he was already working at the warehouse, or they just moved him to the warehouse, idk. Anyways, they would tell him to go get a wrench or something. He was simply not able. Would forget what he was doing. He went out on long-term disability.

    Other than that, you might wanna realize there is a very fine line between having memory issues and age discrimination.

  3. Why do you need to say anything to them at all about them “needing a nap” or “their thinking is soft”? I would say there absolutely is NO way to politely say these things, because it’s rude. Who decides what wrong logic needs pointed out? Why a buddy system? Why a BS tracker?

    I’m sorry, but this just really sounds like you’re upset with these/this person who is older and you’ve decided that they need to be corrected. Even if it means constantly reminding them of something they don’t like that they have no control over.

    This is basically your problem that you’re going to have to deal with or learn to deal with. If you think it’s a gut punch for you, think about how they feel. It takes a lot of decline for someone to become oblivious to their cognitive deficiencies. They know they’re not as sharp as they used to be and they don’t like it at all. They need respect.

  4. You should definitely give them a fucking break. Help make their lives easier. Intuit what they need before they do. Set them up for success so they can continue to work as long as they can. Both you and I will be in their shoes one day. Be their help not their hindrance.

  5. Not everyone is consistent, including yourself. Communicate constructively, and if it becomes a problem to the overall work quality, let a manager know of your concerns. Thinking about your colleagues as “mentally declining” isnt objective nor productive to your environment.

  6. Not everyone mentally declines as they age and unless you are this person’s manager then you don’t say anything. If they are unable to perform their job functions correctly and it interferes with your work, you bring it up to their supervisor and that’s it.



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