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Open-source database administration software program suggestions?

First: I seemed into googling this, nevertheless I might have larger worth listening to from those that are extra invested into information science versus taking an opportunity at no matter google throws up.

Second: I’m extraordinarily new to information science, so I’m very doubtless going to make use of flawed phrases/terminologies. Please have grace and proper me so I can proceed to study!

I’m on the lookout for an open-source software program that permits me to simply create a person interface to enter information, which routinely provides stated information onto a database for me to filter/export/and so forth. I am a researcher, and if anybody is aware of of RedCap, I am on the lookout for primarily that however open-source.

I am additionally a Mac person with regard to compatibility for software program, and it would not should be web-based. I simply discover it boring to enter information into excel sheets, I might reasonably fill out a kind (that I’ve created) that does it for me!

Any recommendations? Hope this request is sensible.

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  1. Have you looked into Streamlit?

  2. Seems like google forms would work or did I misunderstand your requirement?

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