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LPT: Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and many others was once the very best priced choices, however that is usually not true anymore. At all times verify costs of alternate options

I have never stayed in a city-limits Airbnb in years (other than some cottages) as a result of inns within the cities round me are approach, waaaaay cheaper.

Additionally, Uber and Lyft surge pricing is uncontrolled. The opposite day, Uber supplied a 4 min journey for $60+. Insanely silly, so I took a taxi for beneath $10.

Within the early days, these have been superior choices. These days, they’re simply one among many choices.

I am going to maintain it brief – there isn’t any clear winner on the subject of beds, transportation, or actually something, as a result of it is all the time going to situational. There are lots of choices on the market, so do your analysis with a purpose to save $$$ when touring, getting house from the membership at 2am, or something associated. At all times analysis the “old fashioned” methods, together with inns.

Comments ( 24 )

  1. Hotels are ‘old school’?!

    Fucking hell I’m old

  2. I honestly do think this is an important thing to remember. While I still tend to use taxis way more often than rideshares while traveling, AirBnB has become my default both nationally and internationally and sometimes I forget to even check hotel prices. I just got so used to AirBnB being cheaper/a better deal, it stopped occurring to me to check hotel prices.

    During a Patagonia trip last year, AirBnBs weren’t an option at most of my stops, so I got back into the groove of looking for hotels, B&Bs, and guesthouses. I carried that over when I returned home and began checking out lodging prices for my first-ever Vegas trip. I was actually pretty shocked to see how cheap the nice, big hotels are there. I guess because they want guests to pour all their money into gambling? I found some very reasonably priced AirBnBs but the ones that offer a full home (versus just a bedroom) weren’t anywhere near the Strip. So, yes, I’ll definitely be taking the route of getting a hotel room on the Strip with a pool and other amenities rather than paying the same amount or more for a small house/condo miles away from the heart of the city!

  3. Wait, are you saying that companies will offer low rates, even to the point of losing money early on so they can establish market share and then raise prices? /s

    The reason you shouldn’t use Uber and Lyft and door dash and such companies is because they are abusive to their drivers. They are denying drivers a minimum wage, benefits, etc that they are legally required to provide, all because they misclassify their drivers intentionally and the government hasn’t got the balls to act on it. By using those “services”, you are enabling this behavior and exploitation of your fellow man.

  4. Also be sure to check out the house you want to rent on multiple sites. My wife found a lake house on VRBO for $400/night. It was rated 5 stars and has a lot of reviews and pictures. I decided to check AirBnB and the same house is $100 cheaper per night. It has no reviews so I’m assuming they recently decided to also advertise on AirBnB and have it cheaper to entice some rentals and to increase their reviews on the website. The savings will pay for a ski/tubing boat for a day.

  5. Don’t use these “cheap” options. These companies exploit their workers.

  6. Hotels are almost always a better deal than Airbnb’s now when you add in the ridiculous cleaning fees.

  7. AirBnBs were great when run by owners trying to make a few extra bucks. Now I see large companies buying up housing to rent as airbnbs, worsening the housing issues and driving up the price.

  8. Yup, totally agree on Airbnb. They have so much demand now, they cost more than hotels!

    There’s controversy right now saying Uber charges you more when your battery is lower. Wouldn’t be the first time they trying upcharging in a sketchy manner.

    I also noticed when you open the apps competitively and even book a ride/cancel the rates tend to drop on the competing app.

  9. Yellow taxis in Manhattan are the way to go.

  10. The last time I tried to compare to get an idea if a taxi was in the same ballpark as what I was looking at for Uber, the guy was rude and wouldn’t give me an estimate. Like ok then dude. If you could’ve given me something I found reasonable comparably and not had to wait, I would have gone with you instead, but nah 🙄

  11. We are finishing a 2 week roadtrip across 6 states. We have stayed in hotels, airbnb and residence inns. We left both airbnb rentals early due to issues with noise, thermostats not working, cleaniless issues and safety concerns. Our best stay was with mariott residence inn. This was a 1 bed room with full kitchen and living area for roughly $220/night. Little more than a comparable airbnb, but there were no issues with cleanliness, safety, or temp control. Also, if we needed something places like this provided it without additional charge. After this trip we have decided not to use airbnb anymore. Costs have increased and it was extremely inconvient and stressful on the trip as things went wrong.

  12. I now think of tech companies that are all about “disruption” as just using their investment capital to undercut competitors until they go out of business and then are free to jack up their prices.

  13. I think that they’re just for different purposes at this point. If you have a family and/or are traveling with a large group – Airbnb is the way to go. You can get 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc.

    If you’re a couple or individual, then hotels are the better option. Or if you really want to save money, a hostel

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. Marriott Bonvoy credit card points get me a lot of free hotel stays. Highly recommended.

  15. Hotels also typically have way better cancellation policies, if there’s a chance you’ll have to cancel your reservation.

  16. Plane was late coming in. I tried to get a Lyft home. ‘Looking for driver’… ‘Looking for driver’ … Time updated twice until it wasn’t going to be for another hour that a driver MIGHT be available. Price rose to $85.

    Tried Uber. Price was $120 but someone was apparently available to pick me up…in a half-hour.

    Normal price to get home is $53.

    Turned around and behind me at the curb by the stand is a taxi. I run over and ask how much the rate is to my town. $71. And I would leave right away. SOLD! Got home a few minutes after 1am.

    This after the past two years I’d been told by the Lyft and Uber drivers that someone is always sitting in the waiting lot at the airport to get last-minute fares.

  17. Surprised no one has mentioned Amazon either. Used to be a go to for cheap prices but now that they have their customer base and have dominated the market, there are so many items I can find cheaper through other online retailers.

  18. Arrived at the airport in New Orleans. Opened Uber as usual, $75 to uptown. I was like nah, I’ll walk. Checked out the cab. Got in a van for $38. It’s a regulated set fee. I’m back on United baby! Yeah you right.

  19. Early days of Uber – do you want some rich Saudi asshole to pay for part of your taxi fare?

    Everyone: Sure, why not.

    Uber now – the rich Saudi asshole wants his money back. Mind paying triple for your taxi ride?

    Everyone: Ummm, tempting…

  20. Airbnb: $120.00 a night 4 bed 2 bath house.

    You: “Wow! That’s awesome. Let’s see, two nights and some tax and fees….probably like $280ish. 6ish of our family/friends/associates. That less than a nice hotel. More amenities. Closer to where we want to be. Let’s book it!”

    Airbnb: Book now – $545.00

    You: “WTF?!”

    Airbnb: $195.00 cleaning fee plus tax.

    Note from owner: If you don’t clean before you leave you will be charged an additional cleaning fee. Turn off the Wi-Fi at night as the electronic waves are toxic. Only use Dawn dish soap (not provided) to hand wash your dishes. Dishwasher works but please hand wash your dishes. Pets Ok as long as they have their feline or canine flu vaccine. Owner lives in the MIL quarters on the property.

    You: “Fuck. That.”

  21. Airbnb was great until people in rentals were getting kicked out so their local slumlord could make 500 a night rather than 500 a week

  22. Needed a ride from LAX airport and was supposed to wait 6 minutes for the nearest Uber, the Taxi line however was immediately available and ended up being the exact same price

  23. This must be an American thing. Here in Europe hotels are still twice as expensive as airbnbs.
    Uber and Bolt however have raised its prices to the taxi levels during the pandemic.

  24. gotta love unregulated capitalism. crazy that “pro-labor” Democrats won’t do anything about startups completely crushing industries then jacking up prices once they’ve cornered the market.

    and Airbnb is fucking rampant, meanwhile we have an insane housing shortage. people can’t get houses.

    Dems and Republicans want us renting *everything* for the rest of our lives. nobody’s going to be able to retire if we don’t start enacting socialist policies.

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