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LPT request: tips on how to seal garments to forestall mould injury?

My strolling closet will get so humid when it’s humid exterior. I attempted all the pieces. Improve AC air flow, Damprid and a dehumidifier system (all on the identical time), however humidity was measured round 85% at the moment!
Final yr some shirts and my leather-based jacket turned moldy. I need to stop that this summer time! I considered massive ziplock bag (with out vacuum). Would that work? The place do I discover such massive baggage? Would particular sort of trash baggage do? How do I make sure that there isn’t any excessive humidity throughout the baggage after I seal them?

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  1. Big ziplock style bags and silica gel packs.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of moisture. I’m not too sure about a big bag. It might just let the moisture seep in and stay there for even longer. A vacuum seal bag, space saver bag might work. Also, keep that door open to your closet so air can circulate better.

    I’d also be curious as to why just that room gets so bad. Is there a leak that you haven’t really noticed yet? If mold gets on the clothes, is it on the walls behind the hanging clothes? Just sounds like that’s too much humidity to normally have in a room. I think you should try to find out ‘why’ there’s so much humidity rather than fixing the results of too much humidity.

    Good luck!

  3. My first thought is you have a leak somewhere contributing to moisture, or a crack in the outside of your home, I would call a professional and see what can be done, closets aren’t supposed to be moldy.

  4. Make sure your clothes are cleaned before stored. If they have stains on them, they are prone to mold. Clothes are best dried in the sun, or dried in the dryer.

    When it comes to clothes storage, you can try vacuum storage bag, which not only saves spaces, but also keeps humid air out well. You can find this kind of storage bag on Amazon. Generally, the size of the bag can be selected.

  5. You could try getting a fan in there and have it running constantly when the humidity’s high. It’ll keep the air circulating, which should help prevent the moisture from settling enough to cause mold.

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