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Finest robotics package for Information Scientists?

My professor has requested me to look into discovering essentially the most appropriate robotics kits to buy for our Information Science Membership.

Issues to think about:
•Approx. 10 kits (must be reasonably priced sufficient to purchase 10)
•Price range (have not been enlightened to the finances but :/ will replace)
•College students are being taught c++, python and R in our course, subsequently in the mean time I feel I ought to look into arguing kits (c++) and raspberry pi’s (python)

Do you guys maybe have any particular recommendations for robotics kits that work nicely for aiding in studying coding and introducing the overlap between knowledge science and robotics i.e. deep studying and computational algorithms?

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Ev3 with Ev3Dev( Or brickPi.
    It’s simple almost from box solution. Also it’s the best solution in terms of prototyping because Lego is really flexible and allows you to undo/fix things fast.

    Also VEX iq is an option but there are no R support.

    If you want something more complex you should look at Matrix/Tetrix + controller of your choice. I would recommend Raspberry Pi because of huge community support also you should pick suitable amount of accumulators or batteries.

    Source: I own small STEM club for children/students.

  2. This may be too advanced but I saw this on edx it’s a course for robotics of self driving cars

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