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College choice

Hiya. I’ve query about which college I ought to enroll to. I received off the waitlist from college of pittsburgh, indiana college bloomington. I used to be initially going to go to iowa state college as statistics main due to it is repute. Nonetheless, since I received two extra choices I’m questioning the place I ought to actually go. I intend to turn into an information scientist and I need to ask you about these universities. What are your ideas? Btw iowa state provided me wuite a great monetary aids so its twoce cheaper than different ones.
*I do plan to go to get a grasp’s diploma afterwards.😉

Comments ( 2 )

  1. It depends where you want to go afterwards.

    An undergrad stats degree is not a universal key to a data scientist job title.

    Find folks that finished their programs and see where they went. That should help you decide.

  2. I would choose Pittsburgh as it’s a great city, and univ is good too. If you don’t care where you attend, I’ll choose the cheaper one as it’s a major difference

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