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What are some essential ability units to have as a knowledge scientist in 2023 for a excessive paying job?

I’m a knowledge scientist with 4+ years of expertise. Knowledge science traits are shortly altering. There’s one thing new each month and it has develop into fairly tough for me to maintain up. Simply someday again I heard loads of buzz round information engineering and MLOps and these days it’s all about LLMs and Secure Diffusion., I don’t assume my corporations pays me wherever near what high paymasters are providing and I used to be simply questioning what are some abilities I ought to choose as much as get a greater paying job.

My present work requires me to work on Python and Spark (PySpark with DataFrames API) on Databricks. Most of my tasks contain creating ML fashions (principally tree-based), a lot of information evaluation, function engineering, function choice procedures, and serving to manufacturing group deploy the mannequin utilizing batch inference by getting ready implementation codes. I’ve been utilizing MLflow for a few of my tasks recently because it’s very easy to take action in Databricks. I’ve some NLP expertise however it’s outdated. What would you recommend I study?

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  1. That’s a lot already. The super high paying DS jobs just take experience and getting into the right field. DS for advertising is going to pay differently than for say business analytics or compared to bio or robotics. Also the high paying DS jobs are probably more research oriented ie where a ready solution doesn’t exist.

  2. Just apply for a high paying job

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