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LPT: you won’t must repaint the complete wall when touching up scrapes and smudges

I had been residing with smudged and scuffed partitions for years as a result of everybody mentioned the paint would fade, the recent paint wouldn’t match, and I would wish to repaint the complete wall.

I lastly mentioned, fuck it, and gave it a strive anyway. Guess what? The recent paint is an ideal match to the years outdated paint that was on my partitions. I’ve now freshened up partitions of 4 totally different colours, some gentle, some darkish, and the paint matched completely every time.

So, it appears that evidently no less than a few of the time, you may completely get away with spot touching up your painted partitions!

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Flat paints do better at this than glossy ones

  2. You may have some luck taking a little bit of the old paint off to your local paint store where they can color match close to whatever the fade is. We did this with the darker eggshell walls at our old rental and either the landlord had bad eyes, or just didnt notice the difference lol

  3. Feathering the new paint with a sponge around the edges will avoid a solid border between colors and blend them further.

  4. I have had good luck with cheaper paints believe it or not. The expensive ones are thicker and dry out and don’t match well later when you try to touch up. They are too thick when they are fresh.

  5. So this doesn’t work as well with glossy or shinier paints. Also works worse with older or cheaper paints. New paint is great though and you should always keep some for touch ups. Even if the match isn’t perfect right away the new stuff will fade and it all evens out a little.

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