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LPT: Use unflavored denture cleansing tablets to wash out your water bottles!

For round $5 you may get a field of over 100 tablets that do an incredible job cleansing micro organism and laborious water buildup inside your water bottles. Most branded bottle cleaners are comparatively overpriced for the product and include only a few tablets.

I exploit a straw brush to dip it into the bottle and scrub out the cap and ingesting straw in addition to across the lip of the bottle! I’ve by no means seen it so clear earlier than and it’s comparatively quick. I depart mine in for about 5-10 minutes earlier than pouring and rinsing out.


EDIT: Y’all are superior. A bunch of individuals have requested about which pill I used so I wished to share: [Efferdent Complete Clean]( however any unflavored would work

Additionally we’ve seen a bunch of nice different makes use of recommended and requested about!

* cleansing your kettle/Keurig
* retainers
* bathrooms and different ceramic objects
* “elaborate glass articles”
* humidifiers/misters/important oil diffusers
* vases
* CPAP tools
* reusable straws


PSA: u/SiphonTheFern identified that it is crucial to rinse it utterly a number of occasions. It is not nice to ingest the cleansing compound! I simply went again and rinsed mine a number of extra occasions juuuuust to be secure. Additionally was warned about some laborious plastic bottles like soda stream bottles, the cleansing brokers could also be powerful on them


EDIT 2: for these of you who maintain commenting variations of “why”, my water bottle has a bunch of stickers on it and I used to be on the lookout for another that minimized water on the surface. Additionally I will be very lazy…


EDIT 3: after all there are many alternate options individuals have talked about: vinegar, diluted bleach, small bump of oxyclean, dishwashing powder, citric acid! Love all of the enter everybody

Comments ( 34 )

  1. Would this work for the bladder of a camelbak?

  2. I would like to know if this is legit, but I don’t want to sacrifice a water bottle to do so…

  3. Citric acid powder is just as good.

  4. Huh.will test on protein shake bottle after leaving it mostly empty in the car in the sun

    Edit: It worked!

  5. This is literally so simple and so genius

  6. I use denture tablets to clean the thermos that I use for tea. It does an amazing job getting rid of tea stains, which I didn’t know was possible.

  7. I do this with any hard-to-reach thing. My flower vases all get several tablets and an overnight soak.

    The minty-ness will go away if you follow up with a soapy rinse.

  8. Works well on wine glasses.

  9. Works well for teapots too.

  10. I use them to clean my keycaps

  11. Does it get rid of the coffee smells from the lids as well?

    Have a few lids that still smell like coffee so I always have to make sure I use those specific lids if I fill it with coffee instead of tea or water.

  12. Now I’m wondering if this would be ok to use in a CPAP reservoir?

  13. Second LPT: Use leftover FSA money to buy these. They’re covered!

  14. This is also a great way to clean bongs

  15. You can also look for tablets marketed as ‘sterilising tablets’, they’re used to clean babies’ bottles but work the same way as denture tablets.

  16. I no longer take water bottles with me because my hands don’t fit inside to clean it. This is a life changer

  17. This gets coffee and tea stains out of ceramic mugs too.

  18. Yep, they work great, even on a thrifted coffee thermos that was covered in limescale and ancient coffee inside.
    Popped four tablets in, added hot water and left it overnight to work.
    Cleaned everything out the day after, the thermos was squeaky clean afterwards! Love it, its so easy!

  19. I’m here to ask about my bong.

  20. So do these work in bongs too? Just curious

  21. REI version is better and even less expensive, using baking soda and bleach:

  22. They also keep toilets clean when they are unused, as in a basement or a vacation home

  23. Will this descale a kettle?

  24. How dirty are you all letting your water bottle get?

    Do you not just rinse it with soap & water every couple of uses?

  25. The denture tablets also work well to clean silicone menstrual cups (like after a few months they get discolored even after proper care) and Invisalign/whitening trays.

  26. Even more of a pro tip: you can get these at the dollar store!

  27. Anyone know how long it’d take the minty fresh to fade?

    – Signed, just bought a new big minty box 😞

  28. But rince, rince, and rince again afterwards. Some kids who thought they were funny spiked the water bottle of a childhood friend with a denture cleaning tablet. Sent him for a week at the hospital.

  29. Is this a problem people have? I’ve had my water bottle for years now and it still looks squeaky clean. Dishwasher once every few days appears to do the trick.

  30. Please clean your bong at least weekly … the fungi that grow there and get into your lungs is horrific if you are unlucky

  31. A couple of denture tablets in your toilet over night helps.

  32. I’m usually a lurker but I had to comment and say this tip saved three flip-top glass bottles from some nasty inside! I’ve been trying to soak and swirl them clean but the stains were stubborn, and I was honestly ready to recycle them until I saw this post and gave it a try!

  33. I never thought of this! I use them to clean my CPAP tubing once a month. And yes, you need to rinse it out like 5 times lol. This is the only thing that has worked to prevent mould.

    I’m totally doing this. My water bottles have been such a massive pain to get clean and not have that nasty taste.

    Yay I seriously love this!!

  34. Cheaper again, if slightly less convenient than denture tablets, but using the same ingredients: half fill the vessel you want to clean with hot water, add one teaspoon citric acid powder & one teaspoon sodium bicarbonate, leave to sit for 20 minutes, then rinse very well.

    It will fizz & foam a lot.

    Really great for limescale deposits in your kettle, shower-heads, stained tea ware, etc.

    Leave the discarded mix sit in your sink or toilet bowl & it’ll help with stains there too. Same applies if you’ve used denture tablets.

    If the stains are really bad, you may need to repeat.

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