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LPT: Two beneficiant clients? Let destiny determine!

I got here up with this tactic years in the past when working on the entrance gate space of an aquarium the place folks would pay for entry, and it might at all times make everybody’s day.

It wasn’t uncommon for a gaggle/household to have two individuals who would give me their credit score/debit playing cards trying to pay for all of them, and the 2 playfully combating over who will get to deal with the opposite(s). It was candy to see the generosity, however getting one to present in might be powerful! So that is what I might do.

Take each playing cards with a smile, say one thing like, “okay, maintain on”, and put each fingers behind your again. Shuffle the playing cards between your fingers, after which have one in every of them, (and even higher, a 3rd celebration within the group, particularly a child!), decide one in every of your fingers whereas your arms are behind you. Picked one will get used!

Not as soon as did I not get fun out of them and smiles throughout whereas I joked that it wasn’t as much as us, it was destiny/luck/the child/and so on, no matter I felt could be most enjoyable to say on the time. Then the one who did not get picked would usually be all “aww!” and such in disappointment. Individuals at all times beloved it!

I as soon as had a buyer say how a lot she beloved that I did that and would take it together with her into her personal job as a waitress. That was an awesome day for me.

Comments ( 33 )

  1. Solid tip.

    I’ll throw you a bonus freebie. Call strangers/customers “nice people” as a greeting. It disarms jerks and before people even know what’s going on, you’ve already complimented them, which will endear you to them. By calling people nice, they usually feel obligated to prove you right about them and be on their best behavior.

    Hey! How are you nice people doing today?

    Edit: this is not a sales technique and will 100% backfire in that context. This is great for hosts, clerks, and in situations where you are not expected to sell anyone anything, or convince them in any way.

  2. I like it. This is a nice version of a game my friends have played called “credit card roulette.”

  3. When you grab their cards, just say “ok, I will charge both of you the whole bill”, with a smile. Then tell you are joking, and explain the game.

  4. This works really well as a server/bartender too. Always gets a smile and usually a lil extra tip for being playful. Bonus if you’re cute and flirty about it, obviously depending on the clientele

  5. I imagine you are in the US because where I live (France) messing with our cards – and especially making them be out of sight – is a big no no.

  6. Works for lap dances too but you just charge both! 😜

  7. This is exactly why I keep a die in my pocket for the ticket-tug-of-war.

    “Oh you both want to pay, well evens or odds, well looks like odds wins.”

    Super handy!

  8. I recently solved this by playing rock paper scissors over the bill

  9. In my circles, itd be more, “Thank you, we’ll get dinner”

  10. If you are a server and guests keep trying to sneak you their cards during the meal, accept all the cards. Only use the first one that you were given. It saves any animosity until the end and everyone can chuckle at how secretive everyone was trying to be.

  11. In my friend group we call this Credit Cars Roulette and I am amazing at “winning” it

  12. This is awesome 🏅take my poor man award.

  13. I used to close my eyes and put out my hand, whoever’s card ended up in my hand first was the “winner” (got to pay).

  14. My sister (waitress) always says “hun” when talking on phone to someone or serving a customer. Example-“Hey Hun” Or “Thanks Hun”. She is super sweet but it does get annoying after hearing it all the time.

  15. And then while they’re all amused and distracted, you pocket the other card, right?

  16. I used to have customers play credit card roulette when I was a waiter. I’d have a family fighting over the check and I’d always suggest they flash a stack of cards and let me just pick one. It was always a fun one to use on a cool group and was great for my tips.

  17. I did this a few weeks ago, but in the transverse. My girlfriend and I were arguing over the check and both had our debit cards out. I put one in each hand and had the server pick one.

  18. I worked in customer service, but I feel uneasy even touching someone else’s card. If two people were cards in hand and ready to pay for the tab, I would say “first come, first served!”. It was so funny to watch two people wrestle over the machine vigorously trying to tap their cards first!

  19. I wish I was in a financial place where I could happily pay hundreds for others to go into an attraction… I dread going anywhere because of the possibility I won’t be able to afford it… Hate when coworkers invite me to lunch because of the cost… But love going to lunch with them…

  20. When I was a bartender, I’d have one guest call heads(logo) or tails(tag line) and flip a coaster if both were prepared

  21. I’ll give an example of what NOT to do, from my own bitter experience. I was working as a restaurant server, two guys trying to force their credit cards on me to cover the dinner. I said “Okay, which of you will leave the biggest tip?” Ooohh, if only you could take back bad jokes said in haste.

    I’m unlikely ever to be in the same situation again, but if it does I’m ready: “Which of you came from further away? You? Then you’re the guest, and your friend is the host this time!”

  22. I just a knife in the middle and the first to draw blood gets to pay. It’s worked out so far.

  23. Theres definitely some asshole out there filing a conplaint or even sueing for messing with his card.

  24. My fiancé and I do a quick, one round, Rock Paper Scissors game

  25. Great tip. I’ll use this next time I work as a cashier at an aquarium.

  26. My job was very strict that you don’t even think about touching a customers card

  27. I thought I was in ULPT and actually wait for him/her to ask for a tip to decide..

  28. This isn’t related at all but this post reminded me of when I was leaving a job I had as a student. I worked in a phone store and we had something like fifty discount codes for friends and family to half their bill.

    The couple of weeks before I left, I still had lots of codes so if anyone at all was half way nice to me I halved their bill. I remember dealing with a couple of really shitty customers and laughing all the while thinking “If you would just be a decent person I could save you hundreds”.

  29. DON’T DO THIS IN EUROPE! Maybe make them play a game of RPS, but don’t touch people’s cards

  30. My god I spent years working at a restaurant and never thought of just shuffling them lol. Mostly whoever got it to me first… that or awkward stares back and forth but people usually decided quickly and it was never really an issue.

    Shout out to the people who just snuck away to pay while I was at the register. I definitely had no problem walking less and avoiding that lol.

  31. What an oddly specific lpt

  32. What they don’t realize is that you have an illegal card swipe on your back and you’re stealing their card details.

  33. This is so cute and brilliant!! I’ve always had a knack for customer service because I understand it’s cute gestures like this that really make an awesome experience out of something ordinary (in this case, simple payment). It’s easy to get crabby in any sort of retail/customer service industry, and it can also feel very bland and boring day to day, but things like this make everyone’s experience better. I literally feel almost dead inside when it’s just simple transactions on after another, but fun people make it all the worthwhile. I am soooo going to utilize this trick!

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