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LPT REQUEST: coping with peoples animosity and dangerous intentions

How do you cope with individuals difficult you and frightening you to behave actual dangerous in the direction of them? I at all times had a really pleasant method to everybody however the older I get the higher I understand peoples true intentions and I discover some to be really ailing and it retains me questioning how do individuals enable themselves to be that approach, then they attempt to come at me which places me in a really unpleasent scenario making themselves an enemy to me and making me act in a foul approach and I really are not looking for that.(feeling like I at all times had a great excuse for them and their intentions should not what they are surely). The extra I have a look at individuals the extra I understand how frequent it’s. The right way to cope with these conditions?

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  1. stop presuming things. and mind your own business

  2. Number one, you and only you can control your reaction/response to an aggressive idiot. You don’t have to give them any oxygen. Learn to flatten your affect and to not return their serve.

    Number two, do you really have to associate with this person/these people? You need to jettison the time-wasting soul-sucking energy vampires around you. If you can’t (coz of family or work) minimize contact.

    Number three, don’t make excuses for people and pay the emotional price. Don’t give proven jerks the benefit of the doubt and don’t cover for them. You don’t owe anyone a free pass. They bear responsibility.

    What you have to realize is that society is on a downhill slide. *So many* people these days have a personality disorder and they enjoy friction, confrontation, and making others feel bad. They may be emotionally ill but that’s not a blank check. Just because they can’t help being assholes doesn’t mean that they are poor souls who deserve to be indulged and pitied. You’re not a trash can. Your primary obligation is to take care of yourself and see to your own well being. If you don’t protect yourself, who will? Be stronger and stay aloof. Good luck 🍀

  3. 1st of all don’t assume bad intentions in people, unless you are 100% sure of it and have clear reasons why they act with animosity.

    “Never ascribe malice that which can be explained by incompetence”

    Same thing with social interaction/connections.

    Else avoid them.

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