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LPT: All the time maintain a ‘good vibes’ folder for a fast temper enhance

I needed to share a easy however efficient life professional tip that has helped me keep constructive and motivated. It is one thing I name the “good vibes” folder.

Mainly, the great vibes folder is a digital or bodily folder the place you acquire issues that make you content or encourage you. This will embody pictures of family members, inspiring quotes, humorous memes, or anything that brings a smile to your face.

Everytime you’re feeling down, harassed, or unmotivated, open up your good vibes folder and take a couple of minutes to flick through it. It is a fast and simple strategy to enhance your temper and remind your self of the great issues in life.

I personally have a digital folder on my laptop and telephone, and I add to it frequently. It is particularly useful on these robust days when all the things appears to be going mistaken.

Creating an excellent vibes folder is a small however highly effective strategy to prioritize your psychological well being and well-being. Give it a attempt to see the way it can positively impression your day-to-day life.

Comments ( 13 )

  1. I keep a list of people. This list is called “genuinely heroic people.” The list has grown quite long now, and while I can sometimes remember why I put a given person on there, what I do instead usually is see a name, look it up on Wikipedia, and then think wow, yeah, that’s inspiring, that’s why I put that person on the list.

    I guess I might as well just post the list if anybody’s interested.

    In no particular order:

    Juan Pujol García

    Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson

    Temar Boggs

    Henrietta Swan Leavitt

    Aitzaz Hassan Bangash Shaheed. Might already be on here; I need to alphabetize this list

    Sal Khan. Yeah, I’m including him

    Neerja Bhanot

    Iqbal Masih

    Tank man

    Stephen Ruth. The guy with the cameras. He’s no tank man, but fuck it, he’s on the list

    Narendra Dabholkar

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Sophie Scholl

    Charles Hazlitt Upham

    Wang Weilin

    John Rabe (? … guy was a Nazi)

    Baron Jean Michel P.M.G. de Selys Longchamps, DFC

    Aitzaz Hasan Bangash

    Daniel Hale

    Reality Winner … I guess

    Aki Ra

    Norman Borlaug

    Neil Armstrong

    Stanislav Petrov

    Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov

    William Kamkwamba

    Donald A Henderson

    Freddie Oversteegen

    Daryl Davis and his collection of KKK robes

    Jacinto Convit

    Sir Nicholas Winton

    August Landmesser

    Jonas Salk

    Carl Lutz

    Aimo Koivunen, because fuck it. Maybe this one is a little jokey

    Giorgio Perlasca

    Derrick Nelson, principal of Westfield High School in New Jersey

    Giles Corey

    Chiune Sugihara

    Sophie Scholl

    Ronald McNair? Why not

  2. my ‘good vibes’ folder is just pictures & vids of my cat.

  3. Or subscribe to r/ContagiousLaughter

  4. One of the first things I do when I start a new job is create an email folder called ‘Warm Fuzzies’ in my new inbox. Any time someone sends me a thoughtful thank you or compliment, I move it in there. I don’t go through it very often but if I’m feeling a bit disheartened about anything it does wonders to pick me up!

  5. This is a wonderful idea. I have, what I call a memory box, it’s filled with pictures, cards, crafts, awards and other special mementos. There is nothing better than taking out something your kids made for you in Kindergarten or reading a card from someone special to lift you up!

  6. Great content to include: Dog’s wearing hats.

  7. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  8. yup or you can have a box where you write good memories on notecards inside

  9. I do this and review it every morning

  10. r/mademesmile is my version of this basically

  11. I have a trunk full of photos, scrap books, and memory items. There is a box in there for the not great memories, but they are reminders of what I’ve survived, and sometimes that’s really helpful.

    I also have a folder on my computer for digital things. And on my phone I have an app called sanvello, and it’s mental health, and meditation stuff. It has a news feed style that you can post pictures and stuff for you to go through as needed, so I use that too.

    It’s really good to have reminders when things seem bleak, that there’s good in the world and in your life. <3

  12. I have something similar.. It used to be my meme folder and still sort of is from time to time.

    I also write “small victories” in my notes that I reflect on weekly or monthly depending when I need a pick me up.

  13. PMA. Positive mental attitude. Person, place (real or imaginary), or thing. Find your PMA.

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