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LPT: Study which materials ought to and should not be washed with cloth softener

Towels have been posted right here earlier than, as a result of cloth softener ruins their absorption, nevertheless it additionally makes your bedsheets quite a bit much less breathable. Additionally, something that is flame retardant or moisture wicking *can not* preserve these qualities for those who use cloth softener. Should you’re spending good cash on top quality underwear or Below Armor kind attire, and continuously sweat extra in them, that is why. In case you have younger children that put on pajamas, examine the tags, they will seemingly say no cloth softener. Wash them individually!

Comments ( 28 )

  1. LPT – who needs fabric softener?

  2. I stopped using fabric softener over a decade ago.

  3. I literally never use fabric softener. That’s my LPT.

  4. Fabric softener is completely unnecessary and makes so many fabrics less functional. If you find you can’t get dry using a towel at an older relatives house, it’s because they use fabric softener (it coats fibres and makes towels less absorbent.) I’m glad millennials and younger generations are killing it as a product.

  5. The most correct answer is none. It breaks down the fibers. Why wear your clothes and other fabric items out early in the wash?

  6. All fabrics. All of them should not be washed with fabric softener.

  7. Dryer balls – just toss them in when drying

  8. I only use vinegar as softener if I feel the need to use any

  9. Nothing, nothing should be used with fabric softener.

  10. i dont use fabric softeners or additives other than boring soap to my high energy washer (and add nothing to my dryer) . [Just ask any maintenance person]( about the waxy, nasty goop that ends up in your appliances that shorten their lives, causes nasty smells, and corrodes. Plus, it is bad for the environment.

    fabric softener is basically a scentcy candle that coats your clothing machine. just use delicate setting on dryer. or a little vinegar in the washer. It was probably invented by the same people who invented ‘flushable’ wipes which are also made of plastic lol microplastics are the ‘lead pipes’ of the 21st century

  11. LPT: Don’t use fabric softener. Waste of money.

  12. One of the best parts of getting divorced ten years ago is not having everything washed with fabric softener. She insisted on washing everything on on using softener.

  13. Washer repair techs love fabric softener, it keeps them in business.

  14. The answer is none. Fabric oftener shortens the life of your clothing and your dryer. I was speaking to an appliance repair tech and he told me to avoid fabric softener because it’s basically coating your dryer and getting into places it shouldn’t and basically ruining the mechanical components over time, shortening the life of your dryer.

  15. LPT don’t use fabric softener

  16. Don’t wash anything with fabric softener. Instead use detergent and vinegar

    Fabric softener is a waste of money. It will create a coating on your clothes towels especially that ruins absorbency.

  17. Life’s too short to worry about fabric softener

  18. I’m confused… If i don’t use fabric softener how can I make my clothes smell like the clean cotton Yankee Candle? I love the smell of clean fabric softenery clothes!

  19. I actually read the instructions on my Under Armor compression clothing and pull them out to air dry when I use the dryer sheet for the dry cycle. after reading this I might abandon dryer sheets overall

  20. Real LPT: Don’t use fabric softener

  21. IMO nothing really benefits enough from fabric softener to justify it’s negative impacts. By the time you separate hot from cold and by color type,if you then separated by fabric softener or not,you’d have like twelve loads with a couple of items in each one.

  22. I never use them.

    How hard do your clothes come out without them really anyway?

  23. I thought we cancelled fabric softener
    And drier sheets. Caused me to break out, never again

  24. I never needed the softening aspect but the fragrancing was a big draw. Are there any products for washing that fragrance without softening?

  25. I was wondering why my kids kept catching fire overnight, this explains a lot!

  26. Jokes on them. I don’t use fabric softener or bleach. I just buy everything new, every time! Not going to get me with big laundry marketing

  27. Just stop using fabric softener at all. Problem solved

  28. Easy: I haven’t used fabric softener in like 50 years. Makes figuring out which fabrics get fabric softener and which do not much easier.

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