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Critique my PCA interpretation

Howdy! I’m new to PCA and I hoped to get an opinion of my interpretation of a PCA? It might be extraordinarily appreciated!

I’m learning adjustments in species composition of communities with passing time (Age). So my information is mainly the variety of people of every species in three age teams, and that is for 5218 completely different species in 50 samples.

My query isn’t essentially *which* species are most indicative for every age group however relatively 1. Whether or not there’s a distinction in species composition between age teams and a couple of. Whether or not there may be much less variation in species composition in latter levels (elevated homogenization with age)?

1. Based mostly on the PCA which reveals a separation of the age teams there’s a distinction in species composition between age teams: much less between the youthful websites however extra between the older websites.
2. Based mostly on unfold and ellipses there may be much less variance / extra homogeneity in older websites than youthful.

I’m additionally testing the variations between age teams with MANOVAs however I simply need to be certain I’m decoding the PCA accurately. I’m not fairly certain how I’ll take a look at for the lesser variance within the older age teams although..

Am I flawed in studying it this fashion? Ought to I be studying extra into the precise principal parts to reply these questions? Thanks so very a lot for studying up to now!!

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Seems good to me

    But do not forger to take a look a PC 3, 4, 5… Etc. And look a the loadings too ! Sure it indicates what youisaid but for a fraction of the data (the bigest explained fraction sure but you see the point i am sure)

  2. How are you preparing the data prior to PCA?

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