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Weekly Historical past Questions Thread.

Welcome to our Historical past Questions Thread!

This thread is for all these historical past associated questions which might be too easy, quick or a bit too foolish to warrant their very own publish.

So, do you have got a query about historical past and have at all times been afraid to ask? Effectively, immediately is your fortunate day. Ask away!

In fact all our common guidelines and tips nonetheless apply and to be simply that bit further clear:

Questions must be historic in nature. Foolish doesn’t imply that your query needs to be a joke. [r/history]( past/) additionally has an energetic discord server the place you possibly can focus on historical past with different fanatics and specialists

Comments ( 26 )

  1. Is this information about the Panzer 38 T correct?


    Despite what you would think, the Panzer 38 T was actually classified as a Medium tank by the German Army. Remember, the 38 T was used at a time where most of the German Army was still horse drawn and the heavier more known tanks of the German army such as the Panzer III and tiger weren’t developed until 1941 and beyond. The 38 T was actually mostly withdrawn from front duty service by 1941 being sent to more auxiliary-based roles and to be used as training tanks.

  2. Here’s my 3-in-in combo.

    What motivated the Cossacks to take such an anti-authority/independant way of life in the Don River Basin and in Southern Poland?

    What were (if any) the cultural differences between these two main Cossack communities?

    And were they of a particular ethnic origin?

  3. At the time of the Soviet collapse, what percentage of the Soviet army was non-Russian?

  4. What civilization was the progenitor of the Palestinian people?

  5. I have two questions about World War II

    1) Why did Britain and France not declare war on the Soviet Union after it invaded Poland in 1939?

    2) Why did Britain and the United States allow the Soviet Union to keep half of Poland after the war?

  6. Are there any good history websites for secondary sources and research papers?

  7. Why was Louis Tiffany given the middle name ‘Comfort?’

  8. Why not just go around the fortifications?

    This is a question that has puzzled me for a long time, I often read about how a given force was “unable to penetrate the string of fortifications” but when I look it up I find out that there were only around seven major forts on the border. It would be very easy to just go round them into the heartland.

    I understand that you can’t really control a stretch of country without controlling the nearby fortified city but you can still move through that country to undefended areas and raid it can’t you?

    This kind of makes sense in terms of practical warfare but I recently read that the Ottomans constructed forts on a road to protect travellers and traders from Arabian raiders.

    That didn’t make sense to me, it would be very easy to just wait the hills by a stretch of road for a trader, swoop in with horses, kill him and make off with his loot. What is a nearby stone structure meant to do about that?

  9. Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?

  10. What are some knowledge sources for personal armor design over the years in terms of construction/tailoring, ideally with an emphasis on why a person would or wouldn’t want some niche piece of their armor designed a certain way for their unique body and or the use of the armor itself?

    Are there any good youtube channels where people who are expert historians on a certain period make reasonably historically accurate armor for clients (movie productions/HEMA/cosplay/whatever), and you actually get to see them talking with the clients about both the history of the type of armor AND the tailoring for the client?

    I’m really interested in the idea of “how would you make plate/chain/linothorax/etc. armor A for specific person B, and what kind of adjustments would you make to get it fitting and moving right for them while keeping it authentic?”

  11. How Good was Blackbeard in a fight

    So I’ve always been confused about how good in a fight was Blackbeard because in media like Black Sails and AC4 Black Flag he seems quite competent and I’ve heard he died fighting outnumbered passed his prime with a ton of wounds

    But is it all fake made to seem like a horrible threat to make Woods Rogers look like a Galliant hero since he wrote the book on pirates that we get most of our knowledge on the Golden Age of Piracy

  12. While studying the American Civil War I have found
    something I’m not sure I understand deeply enough. Why was the North so much against slaves: I get that they didn’t need them, but why were they ready to go against the Southern states for that? I mean their capitalistic economic system didn’t require slaves, but why were they bad for it? Were workers afraid of being replaced by them since for entrepreneur was more convinient to use slaves who didn’t need salaries? Were workers in competition with slaves? Workers would have uprised? Is there any other reason why slaves were bad for the North?

    Sorry if my question is so long but really all the answers i got elswere were too superficial.

    Thanks to anyone who will take the time to answer me!

  13. I have been reading about the Holocaust and my question is this: how Jewish was too Jewish in Nazi occupied Europe? If you were half Jewish or a quarter Jewish would you still be taken to a concentration camp?

  14. Why did the Romans attack the Balkan Peninsula?

  15. Can someone tell me how Oda Nobunaga unified Japan if there was already an emperor of Japan for over a thousand years before him?

    From cursory reading it comes across as though Japan were already long unified

  16. Is anyone watching the new Netflix documentary about Cleopatra , i want to know what is the hystorical reference of Netflix for presuming that she was an africain woman

  17. Not hitory-related per se, but I’m hoping someone in this community might be able to help?

    Can you recommend any historical/medieval youtubers/content creators that live in Australia (preferably Queensland)? I’m working with a medieval event and they might be looking for a new semi-official influencer.

  18. I’m gonna throw this question here, because it’s silly (serious question, but kinda silly for importance).

    My wife is a big fan of like, love letters and notes, and I’m not exactly the most romantic or verbose at those, but I was on my umpteenth listen of ‘Hamilton’ and it occurred to me that prior to our modern ‘always online’ way of living, you’d write letters, correspondence. So I went and in my Hamilton fueled spark of genius (more like a dim flicker let’s be honest), and tried to see what of Eliza’s and Hamilton’s love letters were to each other, to see if I could read and learn how they talked, what they said, and how they could keep saying “Hey I love you” in dozens and dozens of different ways.

    I quickly found out this was a bit of a rabbit hole, and honestly my question is pretty simple. Do you know of good examples of love letter correspondence through whatever time period? My hope is just to better understand these, and then practice my cursive (it’s well known my handwriting is atrocious) and surprise her with an old-school love letter. Like I said, silly, but you never know right?

  19. Hi All,

    Wanted to know how much foreign ships used to come into historical ports(pre-1700 AD). I was reading on Hoi An(a prominent port historically in Vietnam) and was surprised to find that on average only 8 foreign ships visited per year during early 17th century.

    How much foreign traffic would the most busy port in the early 17th century(in the entire world) would have received per year?

    Thanks in advance!!

  20. What are the different types of imperialism? Why was Imperialism during the Industrial Era different from 1450-1750 Imperialism?

  21. I’ve heard it said that the United States was well behind the times when we finally abolished slavery. So when did this perspective begin to change around the world and when did most people begin to see slavery as immoral and abolish it?

  22. When Ireland and Britain went to war against each other, did Britain send any soldiers from the colonies (aka India, Egypt, South Africa, etc) to fight the IRA or was it strictly soldiers from the mainland?

  23. I just came across my grandfathers WW2 scrapbook and there are a lot of pictures that have a caption of “Official U.S. Marine Corps Photo” I am having a hard time finding information about how these photos may have been obtained or sent out through the marines and navy. I was wondering if anyone knew any more about photos with this caption.

  24. Idk if this goes here or somewhere else, but are there any good recommendations for someone who wants to study the designs and uses of armored vehicles in the world wars other than Wikipedia?

    Autism decided that tanks and armored cars from the early 1900’s were too cool to pass up so now I’m desperate to find as much information as I can on them

  25. I’m curious why historical queens who ruled by themselves didn’t introduce more sweeping reforms for women. Like, a lone, sitting queen has absolute power, right? Why didn’t they take the opportunity to give women more rights and power too?

  26. So, hear me out, I’ve been listening to this amazing podcast since 2016.

    A few minutes ago, for the first time in my life, I’ve heard the phrase “Goodbye, this has been: The history of Rome.”

    I’m about to cry. What do I do know? I’m tempted to replay it all again for the next couple years, but I’m not sure about that.

    Edit: spelling

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