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Weekly Historical past Questions Thread.

Welcome to our Historical past Questions Thread!

This thread is for all these historical past associated questions which can be too easy, brief or a bit too foolish to warrant their very own submit.

So, do you might have a query about historical past and have at all times been afraid to ask? Nicely, as we speak is your fortunate day. Ask away!

After all all our common guidelines and pointers nonetheless apply and to be simply that bit additional clear:

Questions should be historic in nature. Foolish doesn’t imply that your query ought to be a joke. [r/history]( past/) additionally has an lively discord server the place you possibly can talk about historical past with different fanatics and consultants

Comments ( 45 )

  1. Great Pyramid of Giza – How on earth did they build that massive structure?
    (too many stories but none backed evidence)

  2. What’s the current state of the art regarding the translation of Linear A? Are people actively working on it and how does that work look like on a daily basis?

  3. How common were medieval communes that had liberty/some degree of equality for peasants and were generally independent from the lords/feudal system?

    Were market economies and prosperity associated with them?

  4. I’m trying to learn more about trade and trade routes and came across some really interesting ones (amber trade from Lithuania, tin trade in the Near East, the Indian Ocean trade network). There are some obvious ones as well I haven’t looked into (Columbian exchange, Trans Saharan trade routes, Mediterranean trade routes) but what are some less well known but still cool ones y’all know of?

  5. How was decayed or abscessed teeth treated back then? Before antibiotics?

  6. What are the origins of natives in the americas?

  7. What happened to the indigenous population of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast when it was formed by the Soviet Union?

    Been on a kick lately reading about the formation, rise, and downfall (at least as a hotspot of Jewish culture) of the JAO but this is something I haven’t been able to find any info about. There must have been people already living there when the Soviets decided to create the territory. Was curious if there was any response to suddenly finding out the new designation of the land they were on.

  8. Where can I find the logs and recordings of Henry II of England? We are trying to locate the missing location of Battle of Myriokephalon on 1176.

  9. Did japan think Russia was going to invade? And that’s why it surrendered to USA after the bombs ?

  10. So with all of this new “information” coming out about older and older past civilizations, how do you think that will shake up the status quo?

  11. How does geography affect a nation?

  12. Why when the scientists divided the continents didn’t consider Europe and Asia as one continent?
    And who made this division any way ?

  13. Book recommendation over 19th century western history?

  14. Is it true that archaeologists have found evidence of Viking presence in another part of Newfoundland, other than L’anse aux Meadows? What’s the latest?

  15. Why did Hitler killed Röhm? He didnt trust him or why? Im talking about the Röhm Purge. Thank you for answers in advance!

  16. Are there any good storytelling/documentary books about Polynesians like James Schultz wrote about native Americans?

  17. Administrators want the money or power or both

  18. What’s the difference between the variations in communism: Marxism vs Leninism vs Bolshevism etc. I’m reading a biography on Stalin right now and ngl this shit is confusing af

  19. How were trades accomplished during the early medieval age? What was used as a common currency before coins or anything like that ?

  20. What were some major events that happened marking the transition between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Medieval Age?

  21. Who were the strangest man during the Russian Civil War?

  22. Where is the other surviving chest from the Boston Tea Party (Not the Robinson chest)? What is the story of this other chest, and what does it look like?

  23. Anybody have good book suggestions that cover the various civilizations and empires?

  24. I’m looking for information on how the historical mongols tanned leather. I’ve seen one vague reference to them using ‘fermented milk, butter, and egg yolks’, but I’m looking for actual details.

  25. I read this tale where a Japanese dude wrestled with a fully armored sword wielding samurai and beat him off with martial arts. How often did hand to hand combat occur against melee users?

  26. I wonder often what people with bad vision did before glasses were readily available. Just die off?

  27. Is there a real thing as “Manna” (bible reference). Didnt do a deep dive online but trying to figure out if it is even a real thing nowadays. Can imagine popcorn from heaven – that could fill up a few thousand…

  28. Were there many examples in history when a Shia dynasty ruled a country with a Sunni majority (or vice versa)? If so, were there any revolts on a religious basis?

  29. Did the battlefront failure of the USSR in the Russo-Finnish Winter War in 1939 give Hitler the confidence to invade the USSR in 1941? It was mentioned in the linked video but I am thinking that even without this Hitler would have invaded the USSR. Thoughts?

  30. I’m looking for the name of the woman depicted on Paul Stahr’s [“Be Patriotic”]( World War I propaganda posters. Did war propaganda mascots often go without names?

  31. Given that the USA has a long history of mentally unstable, gun wielding murderers, is it possible that LH Oswald was in fact a gun nut who managed to kill JFK alone?

  32. Could Gilles de Rais’s killings have been influenced by the death of joan of arc?

  33. Do you think there is enough info about Genghis Khan for a final project? I am in 9th grade, so it shouldn’t be very hard, but I need to say his birth, upbringing, early life, accomplishments, setbacks, controversies, and demise in a biography.

  34. Just wondering how far back domestic violence goes? When did that idea even form and then become the norm in the first place?

  35. Why were the european and pacific theaters of ww2 considered apart of the same war despite being so seperate?

  36. How does the bronze age collapse compare to the crisis of the late middle ages?

  37. I’m thinking of taking a trip to Pennsylvania this summer with the primary goal of seeing some historical sites. So far on my list is Gettysburg, Valley Forge and Braddock’s Field. Possibly might also head north to the Watkins Glen area.

    What are some other can’t miss historical sites in Pennsylvania or nearby?

  38. Are there any good informative books about Japanese soldiers that were captured during WW2?

  39. What does it mean for the age old Phalanx vs Legion debate when the armies of Italy eventually adopted the pike? Whenever I bring up this topic during a Phalanx vs Legion debate, I rarely get a response, probably because I’m not debating historians.

    “Following its 1506 military reforms, Florence had an army armed 70% with pikes, 10% with muskets, and the remaining 20% with halberds. In Venice the proportions were first fixed in 1548, at 10% halberds, 30% arquebuses, and 60% pikes.”

  40. If we restore an ancient historical ruins, would it still be authentic?

  41. What is the difference between the academic study of History and Geography?

  42. I’m hoping someone can help me here. One quite niche topic and one very broad. Looking for good sources on both of them 🙂

    1. English history
    I’ve just recently learned that both vikings and Rome went all the way up to the UK. I’m very curious about this time period. Why did they go up there, how was Britain ruled back then, etc? I’m planning on moving to the UK and want to know more about the place, so recommendations about all time periods are welcome.
    Exception: WW1 – present time.

    2. History of crochet
    Now, the more niche question. I love crochet myself and I adore the old patterns, so I’d love to learn more about this craft. There are a lot of variations (irish crochet, Bavarian crochet, jewelry, lace crochet, filet crochet, etc) and I just want to know more. Who came up with the notation? How did it develop over the years, stuff like this. It’s my “maybe someone has any pointers if I’m lucky” question 🙂

  43. I’ve seen a video about history and it had the Roman empire breaking up. What were these 2 countries called?

  44. Hello reddit. I hope you can help me, my research so far yielded no results. I am looking for a medieval source: it should date around the 12th century, I believe it was from Italy. I’ve even seen this source but can’t remember where…
    Anyway, it is a source depicting a very particular, even unique, helmet with a proto-kettle shape and a nasal guard. I hope my memory isn’t playing tricks on me and that somebody will be able to direct me to the source.
    Thank you in advance to anyone who might help and for reading my comment.

    EDIT: Found an illustration based on the afore mentioned helm. No idea what it is based off of, however.

    Best regards

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