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Bookclub and Sources Wednesday!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our weekly e book advice thread!

We’ve discovered that lots of people come to this sub to ask for books about historical past or sources on sure subjects. Others make posts a couple of e book they themselves have learn and need to share their ideas about it with the remainder of the sub.

We thought it might be a good suggestion to try to bundle these posts collectively a bit. One huge weekly submit the place everyone can ask for books or (re)sources on any historic topic or timeperiod, or to share books they just lately found or learn. Giving opinions or asking about their factuality is inspired!

After all it’s not restricted to *simply* books; podcasts, movies, and so on. are additionally welcome. As a reminder, [r/history]( past/) additionally has a really helpful checklist of issues to [read, listen to or watch]([]( past/wiki/recommendedlist))

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Does anybody have any recommendations for Canadian political history (or Australian, for that matter)? Civilisation VI has introduced me to Wilfrid Laurier and I’d like to know more about the country and that whole era generally, but in the UK Canadian history is totally absent from any mainstream bookshops.

    Similarly, does anyone know any good political histories for late c19th European countries, esp. France Germany and Italy? I’m talking about proper high politics, prime ministers and elections etc

  2. On France you have Jonathan Fenbys’ book from French Revolution to Terrorism “History of Modern France”

  3. Just finished **A World Undone: The Story of the Great War 1914-1918 by G.J Meyer** (side note – it seems to be difficult to get a cheap copy here in the UK)

    >4.75/5 Very good overview of WWI. Long at 700 pages but apart from that accessible. Covers all the important political and military events. No prior knowledge needed. Has brief background chapters for things like biographies or the history of various countries prewar.

    Next up and my first non-WWI related book of 2023 **The Last Emperor of Mexico: A Disaster in the New World by Edward Shawcross** about a Habsburg archduke who was installed as emperor of Mexico by the French in the 1860s.

  4. Hello, I am looking for books and articles on the First Intifada from the Palestinian perspective – focused on narratives. Any recommendations? Thank you!

  5. any book recs on the 19th century in general?

  6. Looking for articles that give an overview of the political importance of the papacy during the Middle Ages. Something that touches on great political moments that the papacy had a hand in creating and/or solving with some discussion on how future events were altered as a result of these politics.

  7. TLDR: LF recommendations for documentaries explaining the US history

    I am going to visit the US in summer for the first time. Besides some things from movies, I don’t know much about its history. I would like to know more about it in detail. Ideally starting far back in its infancy till today. Something like 8-10 hours of video material in total. Appreciating all recommendations. Also, I dont expect it to be one big documentary but many different ones focusing on certain time eras.

    Thanks forward!

  8. Looking for any book recommendations on the history of China from the First Opium War until the end of the cultural revolution. I’m particularly interested in anything on the political development of China, how it developed a more cohesive national identity, how it modernized, how it adapted to a more expanded world view and the arrival of foreign concepts and ideas.

    More specifically, I would love to find more information (be it books, essays or anything at all) on the war lord’s period, or really just anything from the revolution of 1911 until the war with Japan. Most of the books I have found on this era are out of print and/or ludicrously overpriced.

  9. Can you recommend a book that tells WWII from solely the British perspective?

  10. I’m writing an essay about transparency and reform, and I want to use the Congo Free State as an example of a time when there was little to no transparency about what was going on, and how that changed (albeit slowly) when people gained knowledge about what was happening. As we learned it in school, though local Congolese did rebel against Leopold, they were usually swiftly and brutally crushed, and real change finally came when the Congo Reform Association helped leak what was happening to the outside world. Then, international and public pressure caused Leopold to reluctantly relinquish control. I would love to read a more in-depth account of what happened! Thank you all in advance!

  11. Looking for sources on the All Russian Military Union (ROVs) in South America. Cant seem to find anything on English Portuguese or Spanish about their activities

  12. Anyone know a book focusing on humans during the Stone Age? I’m super interested in that time period, before homo sapiens exsisted.

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