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The Garamantes: Rome’s neighbours within the Sahara.

The Garamates had been a civilization that existed in what’s at present Southern Libya, one in all firs recordes of them was by the well-known Greek historian Herodotus. regardless of their harsh surroundings they managed to construct a novel agrarian civilization utilizing irrigation derived from subterranean aquifers. The Garamantes would go on to have contact with the Roman Empire, each buying and selling with and raiding the borders of the Empire at totally different occasions between the primary and third centauries. the eventual depletion of the fossil water deposits wanted for his or her farm led to this civilization collapsing and it is cities being swallowed up by the Sahara desert in round 5-600 CE.

* The Video: [The Garamantes: Rome’s Neighbors in the Sahara – YouTube](

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  1. So many cool and interesting cultures we don’t learn about on the peripheral of empires. This is neat!

  2. The point about the Garamantes is that they were not exactly anyone’s “neighbours” in the sense that there was there was widespread cultural exchange, intermingling of populations, or even a profound existential threat to another power in the same geographical area. Their incursions into Roman/Mediterranean power-politics were as half-hearted allies of some much more problematic characters, such as Juba, who did frighten the Romans (briefly). They didn’t make much impression on the Persians or Greeks, who were actually far more interested in “Who exactly was out there” than the Romans were and could be counted on to tell the tale if there was one, or at least make it up. That’s what is fascinating about the Garamantes. A whole civilisation dependent on a particular eco-system, which would be destroyed when it failed and leave not much trace. Note to all of us.

  3. Interesting! Thanks for sharing this.

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