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What’s the oldest tribe or clan that has been current all through historical past? And in addition, the oldest ethnicity?

By this I dont imply tribes like e.g. Amazonas tribes or Aborigines or Khoisan of Africa. I’m additionally not asking for household strains. Ive heard of Chinese language household strains going again to the Zhou dynasty. However I’m to know of broader teams of an identification that might additionally handle to maintain their language and roughly their tradition. The continuation of its location is secondary. Clearly, for this query we will exclude the cultural change (industrialisation and big development of expertise and so on.) that occurred the final centuries.

E.g. the Guran tribe of Kurds goes finally again to the Iranic tribe of the Avestan folks of ca. 1200 BC and has saved the language (repeatedly the identical) and all of the core facets of tradition. Its the oldest repeatedly dwelling group. Arguably with the Yazidi Kurds and maybe with the Indo-Aryans too. For the reason that Egyptians grew to become assimilated to Arabs in language and tradition and the Greeks grew to become Christians (change of tradition). I’m not educated concerning the Chinese language on this case. Ive solely taken some data from Wikipedia. The **Han** Chinese language individuals are not as previous because the Indo-Aryans or as Guran both. Am undecided how the Chinese language previous to the Han are linked and/or interrelated with the beginning of the Chinese language from the Han dynasty onward.

Thanks prematurely.

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  1. > the Greeks became Christians (change of culture).

    This is not a change of culture, but a change of religion.

  2. As has been mentioned, some of the Nation’s of Indigenous Australia have continued cultures going back tens of thousands of years. It’s harder to determine the exact history of any single Nation’s history but there’s a few examples.

    The Budj-Bim Nation (south western Victoria) created a complex aquaculture system over 6,000 years ago, which remained in continuous use until the 1800s, when it was destroyed to make way for European farms.

    The Budj-Bim people have since been able to reclaim the land, rebuild at least some of the aquaculture system and continue to maintain their language, religion, and cultural practices.

    They by far are not the oldest continuous culture in Australia, but just one group I’d heard about recently. The greater cultural/language group has been on that part of Australia for something like 50,000 years.

  3. Given their isolation and hints that they might be descended from the earliest wave of homo sapien out of Africa, I will say the Sentinelese.

  4. Those are all social constructs. It’s entirely subjective who is included, and as such, when any groups starts or ends.

  5. Basque people in France and Spain still use a language that ” is the last remaining descendant of one of the pre-Indo-European languages of Prehistoric Europe” (wikipedia)

  6. I was going to say kurds. Jews also have a very long history. The Egyptians do too, still using shadufs in the early twentieth century (probably still today).

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