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Query: Japanese Historical past, Edo Interval foccused – What are the totally different ranks of Yujo? (Japanese Prostitutes)

Hello! I have been googling this for the previous couple hours and the quantity of conflicting info is astounding. I might actually admire some assist figuring this out, in addition to the precise variations between the ranks.

Here is my present checklist (…of lists, due to the dearth of consistency) of Yujo ranks from highest to lowest. Please let me know if I’m shut. Looks as if the ranks developed with time, so maybe my subject is info concerning totally different time intervals. There’s additionally using Oiran, which appears to be a catch-all time period for prime rank Yujo, maybe utilized belatedly, or perhaps not. And there is additionally the comon false impression that Geisha had been prostitutes (which is debatable, “they weren’t purported to be” appears to be the life like reply,) additional muddying the waters.


Record 1: []( Wikipedia, essentially the most illustrious of sources.

1. Tayū – The Highest Rank and really uncommon. Did not promote sexual companies. Did not sit within the Harimise for viewing by the general public both. Had Kamuro, these younger feminine servants. They needed to be contacted not directly by means of different individuals. “Oiran” appears to suit this rank too.
2. Kōshi – no thought
3. Yobidashi Tsukemawarashi – Yobidashi means “by appointment solely.” They did’nt sit in Harimise. As for Tsukemawarashi, it is apparently mid-level, however no explaination why.
4. Sancha – no thought
5. Tsukemawarashi – no thought
6. Zashikimochi – uncertain about this. Elsewhere mentioned they’d their very own room and Kamuro and which places appear to place them larger up the ranks…however right here they’re on the backside. No thought why.


Record 2: [](

From this PDF, desk 8.1 displaying the ranks, costs and inhabitants for every rank. I added Tayu regardless of the desk not displaying any.

1. Tayu – ” ”
2. Koshi – Nonetheless no thought
3. Tsubone – Apparently was a excessive rank, however grew to become devalued to the purpose of working in “cubicles”. The diagram within the PDF seems like fairly dangerous circumstances, however not a cubicle.
4. Sancha – No thought what makes them higher than Jijoro.

.Chusan – A excessive rank Sancha

.Umecha – A low rank Sancha

5. Jijoro – ditto


These are the two most constant rating techniques I’ve discovered, with others including or retracting varied ranks, reminiscent of a Heya-Mochi who was decrease than Zashiki-Moshi, however had her personal room, Kashi Joro who’re suspiciously equally named to Koshi and positioned on the backside. Discovered these right here: []( past/Yujopercent20(prostitute).html) and right here [](

There have been others, the place I frankensteined many of the reasoning behind the ranks from, however I am unable to discover them anymore. Sorry.

I hope I offered sufficient info for everybody to undergo.

Additional sources:

here is a wikipedia web page in Japanese that looks as if it might be useful, if I may learn it. [](

Here is a website with a really complete checklist, complicated me even additional after displaying that a number of these phrases above may not be ranks in any respect. [](

On the identical website is a listing of has ranks I have never managed to seek out else the place. Maybe they’re simply variations, reminiscent of licenced or unlicenced, employed or in-house, and so on. [](


Honorable mentions:

Here is the identical website speaking about Kamuro, simply because I believed it was facinating, and wished to share [](

Here is somebody who has drawn many kinds of historic japanese hairstyles. Truly very useful in figuring out varied ranks of Geisha, Oiran, and the like [](

An odd textual content to speech video, however truly had some neat particulars about Yujo reminiscent of their every day routine and such. []( The remainder of the channel has different movies on Geisha and Oiran that are all fairly good, apart from the AI voice.

And that is it. I’ve misplaced my thoughts over this, so I am going now. So long. Thanks for studying!


Edit: Added descriptions for Yobidashi and Tsukemawarashi.

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  1. >here’s a wikipedia page in Japanese that seems like it would be helpful, if I could read it.

    You can use the Google Translate extension to translate the whole page at once.

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