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Easy/Brief/Foolish Historical past Questions Saturday!

Welcome to our Easy/Brief/Foolish historical past questions Saturday thread!

This thread is for all these historical past associated questions which are too easy, quick or a bit too foolish to warrant their very own put up.

So, do you’ve got a query about historical past and have at all times been afraid to ask? Nicely, at the moment is your fortunate day. Ask away!

After all all our common guidelines and tips nonetheless apply and to be simply that bit additional clear:

Questions must be historic in nature. Foolish doesn’t imply that your query ought to be a joke. [r/history]( past/) additionally has a discord server the place you’ll be able to focus on historical past with different lovers and consultants

Comments ( 20 )

  1. Is there any evidence of none Sapien hominid culture and religion?

  2. Hopefully it will be answered this time.

    Why did Lee not come to the defense of Longstreet after the Civil War, or did he simply allow Longstreet to take the blame for his own tactical mistakes? Especially when it came to Gettysburg.

  3. I’ve read quite a bit about the JFK assassination. Are there any similarly infamous European assassinations that I might find interesting? I don’t mean one of the numerous Roman assassinations or something like that. I mean someone who was assassinated within the last 150 years or so. If there are conspiracy theories or controversy surrounding the event, even better.

    Also, someone besides Franz Ferdinand, since that’s already pretty well known.

  4. why was the Soviet union considered strong?

    The Soviets only won against the germans because of the winter and had also lost to the Finnish and japanese previously. So why were they feared so much? Its weird because even during the coalition wars they only won because of the winter. Am I missing something due to which they were feared by Europeans and Americans? They also lost to Germany and Poland in ww1 too.

  5. One of the common misconceptions (largely from Hollywood) is that Medieval castles were dark and colorless when in fact they were reasonably well lit and had many colored tapestries. My question is if this was also common in the poorer homes. Were the serf’s/peasant’s homes nicer than portrayed in movies (generally dark huts) and were their clothes dyed in bright colors as well or was that generally just reserved for the wealthy?

  6. Who would win a wrestling match between age 20-30 Abe Lincoln and same age Teddy Roosevelt? Both were noted athletes.

  7. I have seen a lot of modern representations of the galleass with round forecastles, were round forecastles or square forecastles more common on galleasses?

  8. Why are there Anglican crosses in Roman Catholic churches? Went to a funeral mass in a Roman Catholic church today. I noticed plaques running along the top of the walls with Anglican crosses and was curious.

  9. What are your top 3 Caliphates/ Sultanates/ Muslim kingdoms under a specific ruler?

    Pick your own criteria. I mean this to be a personal preference question. If it’s pushing back on conquerors, I would consider Mehmed II vs. crusades or Sultan Kudarat vs. the Spanish. Or you might consider Rashidun and the rest of the first four caliphs for how they carried the faith after the Prophet Muhammad. Would love to see your answers. Thanks!

  10. What are lesser known details about the origins and practices that were done in Halloween in the past?

  11. What are some good books about medieval Sweden, and Norway?

  12. Did each country in Medieval Europe have its own style of castle architecture

  13. It’s maybe a bit late to ask but how stained glass in churches were cleaned ? Did they just throw a bucket of water on it ? I know it’s very specific

  14. Can I post an image to identify a historic figure? it says no images

  15. In feudal kingdoms, how well did the different lords know eachother? Were gatherings (tourneys, feasts, etc) that common? Using Game of thrones as a reference as all lords seem to know eachother.

    Second question, did. European feudal kingdoms have especially renowned warriors? Ones that would have fame for their prowess.

  16. I am currently writing an essay about bubbles (like exlcuding some people in a bubble and not allwoing them to contact the people outside) and I chose to talk about history. I worte this but I need a good example of a historical figure that used to do this:

    “Great empires and leader always tried to exclude their people in a bubble to protect the information and opinions of their people. Like…”


  17. Hitler austrian but do what he did as a German leader, Stalin georgian do what he did as a Russian leader, why this odd pattern? Just coincidence?

  18. I want to start learning the history of the 20th century (year after year).

    Please, recommend some books for it.


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