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Easy/Quick/Foolish Historical past Questions Saturday!

Welcome to our Easy/Quick/Foolish historical past questions Saturday thread!

This thread is for all these historical past associated questions which are too easy, brief or a bit too foolish to warrant their very own publish.

So, do you’ve a query about historical past and have all the time been afraid to ask? Nicely, right now is your fortunate day. Ask away!

After all all our common guidelines and tips nonetheless apply and to be simply that bit further clear:

Questions have to be historic in nature. Foolish doesn’t imply that your query needs to be a joke. [r/history]( past/) additionally has a discord server the place you’ll be able to talk about historical past with different lovers and specialists

Comments ( 18 )

  1. Were atomic bombings on Japan really the only option or could there have been other alternatives?

  2. What are some good books about ancient naval warfare and battles?

  3. Which of the 2 nations were more in love with themselves,the Greeks or the romans?

  4. Me and a friend came up with these while discussing Rings of Power:

    In european medieval times: ¿was having haircuts like pompadour or side gradients possible in medieval times?

    ¿was having short hair something only nobles could have or were other classes able to cut their hair short?

    ¿what was more practical in those times: grow their hair or cut it short often?

  5. How much of their disposable income did people historically spend on “eating out”? It seems like a pretty high number these days, at least in the part of the country I’m in, so I’m wondering if that’s unusual historically or not?

  6. Who is Browning in this quote? Neither John Moses or Robert seem to fit with the other 4.

    >Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the greatest figure of the nineteenth century. Certainly of the five masters,–Napoleon, Bismarck, Victoria, Browning and Lincoln, Lincoln is to me the most human and lovable.

    W.E.B. Du Bois, *Again Lincoln*

  7. Does anyone have good resources for looking into the lives of the common people? I’m trying to find references to what the average “peasant” household in the late 17th/early 18th century was like, but almost all easily accessible sources are about manors and mansions and plantations. I’m just very curious about what it was like to be in an average joe in those days; what tools they had, how many rooms, their furniture, etc.

  8. About what time frame were the last Roman forts and equipment used? I know during the Reconquista, very old equipment was still being worn. But at what point was Roman armour being switched into early knight armour?

  9. Did the tui’tonga make contact with the inca or other Andean natives? I heard in a documentary once that there are populations of people on the Peruvian coast who have some Polynesian ancestry that predates the Columbian exchange. Doing my own research I’ve found some sources that corroborate this claim but never one that goes into any detail. Is there any hard evidence of the Tonga or other Polynesian peoples making contact with the Americas and if so does anyone have any recommended literature?
    Anything helps. Thanks

  10. before the us revolution did the us state and the canada states interact like all the american colonies did

  11. Is Americana Encyclopedia good to find Greek History more specifically village history? If so which volume I have 30 of them.

  12. Are there any well known birthdays around the world through period of classical antiquity?

    Wikipedia defines classical antiquity from 8th centiry BCE to 6th century AD, and, it is mainly focused with region around the Mediterrarian Sea.

    Please note I am focused on asking around the world, and, not just that geography concerned with classical antiquity.


    I was reading up on Archimedes, and, wondered why there isn’t a day to commemorate him. This is probably because we don’t have accurate historical records and perhaps people used different calendars through that period.

    However, pondering on that question, I did come up with one personality – Jesus Christ.

    Its debatable…And, I was wondering if there were more…

  13. Have you seen this man? (Please help ID)

    I have a half remembered story that I could, for the sake of my sanity, use some help with. I’ve tried flicking through my bookshelves to find where I’ve read of this but it’s been to no avail.

    Which son of a slave trader/someone involved in slavery, was sent onboard a ship to be assured that conditions weren’t as bad as some reports suggested, only to discover the abject horror that was evident, and came home (presumably the UK?) to affect change?

    Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.

  14. There was a question in my exam today. It was simple “First country to add fundamental rights in their CONSTITUTION”. The answer was France… but I think it’s USA. They argued that France declared it in 1789 and USA added them to constitution in 1791. That way Britain could be first by Magna Carta. But it’s about adding it to the constitution. Sorry for my English :’)

  15. Did Baba Buddha (early Sikh figure) really live for so long?

  16. Can someone tell me how Northern Ireland still exists in the modern world?

  17. I saw old map of Africa “Carte d’Afrique”, which was made by Guillaume Delisle in 1722 in Paris.
    And there are a lot of cities on it. Can somebody say me, what this?[This map](

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