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Bookclub Wednesday!

Hello all people,

Welcome to our weekly ebook suggestion thread!

We’ve discovered that lots of people come to this sub to ask for books about historical past or sources on sure subjects. Others make posts a couple of ebook they themselves have learn and wish to share their ideas about it with the remainder of the sub.

We thought it could be a good suggestion to try to bundle these posts collectively a bit. One massive weekly submit the place all people can ask for books or (re)sources on any historic topic or timeperiod, or to share books they lately found or learn. Giving opinions or asking about their factuality is inspired!

After all it’s not restricted to *simply* books; podcasts, movies, and so on. are additionally welcome. As a reminder, [r/history]( past/) additionally has a beneficial listing of issues to [read, listen to or watch]([]( past/wiki/recommendedlist))

Comments ( 13 )

  1. Recently picked up Neptune’s Inferno by James Hornfischer. A history of the US Navy at Guadalcanal WWII. The campaign itself of course was a high intensity arm wrestle and the book gives great detail while setting a quick pace. Highly recommend for those with an interest.

  2. Does anyone have a book or video recommendation for American history before the Revolutionary War?

    I have been to Monticello so anything about Jefferson or just regular people. I enjoy doing family genealogy so why people moved to America would be interesting too.

  3. Finished **Avoiding Armageddon: From the Great War to the Fall of France, 1918-40 by Jeremy Black Review copied from my Goodreads.**

    >3/5. Plenty of information but rather dry to read. Covers a wide range of topics but at 260 pages (plus another 30 for notes, index and a 2 page further reading) lacks depth on those topics. Some chapters are about actual wars in this period, divided into immediate post-WWI conflicts, colonial wars and uprisings, as well as wars that did not directly involve the major powers. Other chapters talk about specific military developments such as naval or in aviation, as well as planning for future conflicts. One thing I did like about the book is that it covers the global side of things pretty well, not just focusing on Europe. Things like how having an empire, and the military needs associated with maintaining it, affected British military development in areas like tanks. The book also has a decent amount on Latin America in this period, mainly the role of the military in coups and putting down uprisings. There was a bit on the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay in 1932-35 which was interesting as I’d never heard of it before. Minor thing but the book could’ve done with a better editor or proofreading as there were a few mistakes. I wasn’t looking and saw 3 including a subchapter title having a random e in front of it.

    >I don’t know if I’d recommend this. Maybe if you like military history and want an introductory overview of the interwar period to find more interesting specific areas/topics within this time period. Otherwise you can give it a miss.

    Gave up on The Siege of Vienna by John Stoye. Old book (1960s) that I found a 2004 edition (it must have something going for it to have reprint 40 years later). The info is probably still fine but it was so dryly written I had to give up on it.

    I’ve decided to focus on the few books I bought/got new and haven’t read yet due to length, so the speed I’m going to read books will slow down . Starting with **Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder** (the shortest, the rest of my new books are 500+ pages). So far (60 pages or so) I’d say it is very well written and I liked the first main chapter on the Soviet collectivization policy and famine in Ukraine.

  4. What y9 appropiate books are there for the womens suffrage movement?

  5. I’m looking for a comprehensive book on the American Civil War – a good jumping-off point for more in-depth study.

  6. Currently re reading Dreadnought, by Robert K Massie. Elegant writing style.

  7. Hey everyone, just wrapped up [The Conquest of Morocco: A History]( by Douglas Porch, and it was a great read!

    The book provides an excellent snapshot into the motivations behind France’s colonial invasion of Morocco, while also providing readers with a snapshot of Morocco’s socio-economic and politicak conditions at the time. Highly recommend!

  8. What are some good books about the Peloponnesian War?

  9. Has anyone read “The travels of Ibn Battuta” or “the travels of Marco Polo” I’m really interested in how people long ago viewed and travelled the world but can’t pick a book to get into it with. Bonus points for a recommendation with a good audio book narration.

  10. I am 18 and I honestly know nothing about the world or politics. I really want a well-rounded knowledge of history and politics and world events and everything going on around the world. What books should I read to get a well-rounded base of knowledge of the history of the world? And once I learn that, what are some important parts of the world I should study next and what books should I get for those?

  11. I am looking to get a few books on history and the Captivating History keeps coming up when I search for the topics I am looking for.

    Are these good books, are they accurate does anyone know?

  12. Anyone got good historical books ab the vikings?

  13. Are there any good books about the history of Scandinavia?
    I’m especially interested in post-medieval until interwar period (yeah I know, it’s a fair chunk).

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